IWADV 2009 Specialty Show Results

Irish Wolfhound Association of the Delaware Valley
October 4 & 5, 2009
Morgantown, PA
Judge - James Phinizy

total 48 (13 absent)

Regular Classes - Dogs



6 to 9 Puppy Months dogs - 2 entered (1 absent)

  1. NINE GATES DUBLIN AT BULLHEAD. HP341952/02. 02/20/09. breeder: Lynn Irwin Cox. By Stoneybrook Ninegates Kieran - Nightwing Druid At Ninegates. owner: Andre Lamb and Lynn I. Cox.

9 to 12 Months dogs - 6 entered

  1. O'LUGH'S JAGERMEISTER OF AERIE. HP325930/02. 11/03/08. breeder: Doug Marx & Amy Benjamin. By CH Pitlochry's Quintus - CH Pitlochry's Jasmin. owner: Andrea & Michael Dormady.
  2. ANSA MO BRASTIAS AURYN ROCKWELL. HP324670/03. 12/10/08. breeder: Kim & Ashley Schaffter. By CH Ansa Mo Merlin D'Eirinn - CH Dundrum's Camptown Lady Ansa. owner: Kim & Ashley Schaffter.
  3. AOTEAROA SURO WHAKAHEKE. HP342307/02. 12/14/09. breeder: Suzanne Ferguson. By Can.Ch. Glor Na Gael Iosac - Aotearoa Suro Nocciolina. owner: Barbara N. Daley.
  4. REDTOPS GRAEDY. HP330285/01. 12/23/08. breeder: Owner. By Redtops Connagh - Greymist Redtop Touch O'Grace. owner: Rosemary E. Wortman.

12 to 18 Months dogs - 9 entered (1 absent)

  1. EIRIAN'S COLTRANE RUNNING. HP307278/04. 06/06/08. breeder: Mary Ellen Shriver. By CH Clossongrey Whyzzard De Burg - Coltraine Rosslare Eirian Etna. owner: Mary Ellen Shriver and Jack L. Shriver, Jr..
  2. ARD RHI'S CONSTERNATION OF EAGLE. HP315138/02. 06/08/08. breeder: Art and Linda King. By CH Dun Myrica Of Eagle - CH Ard Rhi's Cleopatchra Of Eagle. owner: Art & Linda King and Margaret A. Wilkins.
  3. ZIGGY OF TIR NA N'OG. HP304971/06. 05/07/08. breeder: Pamela & Rainer Sticht. By CH Sherwood's Little John - Xena Of Tir Na Nog. owner: Rainer & Pamela Sticht.
  4. GLENAMADDA STARKEEPER BANNER. HP321430/04. 07/04/08. breeder: Dr. Susan M. L. Prokopenko & Jocelyne Gagne. By Starkeeper McEnroe Of Limerick - CH Glenamadda Starkeeper U R Zada. owner: Dr. Susan M. L. Prokopenko and Jocelyne Gagne.

Novice dogs - 4 entered (2 absent)

  1. STARKEEPER GLENAMADDA O'LYRE. HP286856/03. 10/23/07. breeder: Sue Furman & Jocelyne Gagne. By CH Kellamore Cupar Of Otisco - CH Starkeeper Wolfchase Logan. owner: Dr. Susan M. L. Prokopenko and Jocelyne Gagne.
  2. VICAR OF AERIE. HP292149/08. 12/17/07. breeder: Doug Marx & Amy Benjamin. By CH Pitlochry's Quintus - Viceroy Of Aerie. owner: Michaela Gorman and Bronwan Rouse, A. Benjamin & D. Marx.

Bred-by-Exhibitor dogs - 7 entered (4 absent)

BBE 1. TALIESIN'S WILLOW'S GLYMPSE. HP269602/01. 07/30/07. breeder: Donna R. Smith & David Smith. By CH Pitlochry's Quintus - Wolf Tone Bonne Louise. owner: Joann Giordano and David Smith & Donna Smith.
  2. SALUTARY AEAGLE OF CLARIDON. HP217013/30. 04/24/06. breeder: S. E. Ewing & S. H. McDonald & B. Leffel & J. Romond. By Salutary Rachamim Of Eagle - CH Claridon Aina Of Eagle. owner: Janelle Romond and Lillian J. Romond.
  3. R NOBLE MCEWANE OF EAGLE. HP249812/01. 11/17/06. breeder: Owners. By CH Malachi Of Castlemaine - Brandywhine Mida Of Eagle. owner: Joe & Kathy Roland and Sam Houston McDonald.

American Bred dogs - 9 entered ( 2 absent)

  1. BER-D-MAR'S CLASSIC CRUISER. HP176880/06. 05/23/05. breeder: Wanda & Richard Roland. By Salutaryu Rose Moss Of Eagle - CH Brandywhine Chantill Of Eagle. owner: Wanda & Richard Roland.
  2. STARKEEPER MCENROE OF LIMERICK. HP217291/12. 06/22/06. breeder: Jamie Souza-Bartlett & Linda Souza. By CH Taryn Tate Of Limerick, SC - CH Halle Of Limerick. owner: Jocelyne Gagne.
  3. R NOBLE FOR PETE'S SAKE OF EAGLE. HP269900/04. 05/26/07. breeder: S. E. Ewing, S. H. McDonald, J. M. Roland. By CH Kellcastle Gryffindor Seeker - Grealla Of Eagle. owner: Joe & Kathy Roland.
  4. SIDHE'S DOMINO DANCER DE BURGH, RN, CGC. HP169147/01. 07/30/05. breeder: Roni Kaluza & Randy Valenti. By Kellykerry Rapho Of Eagle - Sidhe's Britney. owner: Ann F. Burke.

Open dogs - 11 entered (3 absent)


1. PITLOCHRY'S KEYSTONE. HP255154/01. 06/29/06. breeder: Conny Fernhout-Schildt. By Pitlochry's Telonius-Troy - Celtic Myst Brolly. owner: Doug Marx and Amy Benjamin & Jeanette Luther.
RWD 2. ERINWOOD BARITONE. HP266149/07. 05/31/07. breeder: Judy Curtin & Pam Paloma. By Erinwood Plum Baroque Quirio - Erinwood Solo High Fidelity. owner: Mary Ryan and Judy Curtin.
  3. KELLAMORE BRAEMAR OF FITZWICK. HP193675/07. 12/01/05. breeder: Joanne Buehner Brown. By Ch. Karontara Starkeeper Dylan - Ch. Kellamore C'est La Vie, VC, CD, RA, AX, AXJ, NAP, AJP, NFP. owner: John E. Fitzgerald.
  4. KELLCASTLE NESKOWIN. HP265884/02. 07/08/07. breeder: Anne Spalding. By CH Wolf Tone Mike - CH Kellcastle Hermione Granger, JC. owner: Anne Spalding and Barbara Kunkel.