Best of Breed & Non-Regular Classes 2010
30th Anniversary Show IWADV
Mr P V Pask, Baronglen Irish Wolfhounds, Wales

 Class 15 Veteran Dog ( 10 dogs, 1 abs )

1. Wiseman-Adams, Adams and McDonald’s Ch Claridon Anlon of Eagle

Almost 7 years of age this dog still maintains his enthusiasm. Typical male with a good outline. Strong topline. Good depth all through. Correct length. Balanced angulation front and rear. Powerful hindquarters, low hocks. Well set thick strong tail. Moved well.

2. Burke’s Ch Clossongrey Whyzzard De Burgh

Similar in age to winner. Lost out to the winner who had a stronger topline. Masculine head with a nice dark eye and well placed and carried ears. Pleasing angulation all through. In super condition. Moved well and handled with expertise.

3. Patterson’s Ch Cnoccarne Carrowmoragh

Another super dog not showing his age. Nice head but eyes could be darker. Correct breadth to skull. Well laid scapula and angulation between it and upper arm was correct. Deep chest . Strong hindquarters with required turn of stifle.  Moved correctly. 

4. Williamson’s Ch Redtop’s Southern Gray Ghost.

Fell in love with this 9 year old gentleman who enjoyed his time in the ring. Well furnished head with dark eyes. Required more angulation in front assembly and topline a little weak. Well laid pelvis. Good width through hocks. Moved well but lost out on age to his predecessors.

Class 16 Veteran Bitch ( 15 bitches, 2 abs )

1. Meeks Ch Claridon Alexis of Eagle

This bitch took my eye as soon as she entered the ring. She demanded attention for her quality and easy and active movement. Obviously of correct construction. Super feminine head and long strong neck. Good angles  between scapula and upper arm which facilitated her front extension. Excellent body length, strong hindquarters and correctly set on croup.  A pleasure to watch her moving around the ring.

2. Linden and Distefano’s Ch Kindred’s Mythic Lady Anu

Closely challenged for first place. Typical head with correct bite. Strong neck. Balanced angulation all through. A little shorter on the leg than the winner. Correct depth and width. Well ribbed back. Moved well.

3. Gagne and Watts Laislinn Starkeeper Rayne

A bitch of good breed type. Would have liked a little more length of leg. Feminine head carried well atop a strong neck which flowed into a well laid scapula. A little weak in topline and not the hindquarters of the first and second. Moved soundly.

4. Levin and Abrams Tailstorm Karontara Helix

I liked this lady who on another day may have been placed higher. Nice head with dark eye and scissor bite. Head carried high on a strong neck. Adequate angulation to front assembly. Feet could be better. Well proportioned throughout. Good topline with correct placement of arch. Moved well.


Class 17 Best of Breed Competition Dogs and Bitches
( 17 dogs, 3 abs)   (20 bitches, 7 abs)

It was an absolute privilege to judge this Best of Breed challenge with so many typical, sound exhibits, many of them who did not receive awards today, lost out on the inordinate amount of strength and depth in this contest.

Best of Breed  Myer’s Ch Kellykerry Emmit of Aerie

4 year old dog that exudes breed type. He stole the ring when he entered and on examination did not disappoint. Fabulous strong ,masculine head with the darkest of eye and super rose ears. Strong long neck flowing into a beautiful  front assembly.  Lovely proportions and depth all through. Correct topline with pre-requisite arch over the loin. Excellent width through the thigh and good turn of stifle. Low Hocks. So pleasing on the move and his overall presence and quality gave him the top spot in a fabulous class.

Best of Opposite Sex Schneidman and Paloma’s Ch Erinwood Melodeon

Loved this 3 year old bitch although at times she did not want to stand to her best advantage. Feminine, quality all through and again super breed type. Excellent head, dark eye and correct bite. Strong, long neck leading into a really good front assembly. Straight forelegs, correct body length and proportions throughout. Good topline and balanced rear angulation. Moved soundly with drive and determination.

Best of Winners    Deemers Dunmadadh Fitzarran Enigma

Select Dog  Gagne’s Ch Starkeeper McEnroe of Limerick

Super head , expression and pigmentation. Well angulated front construction. A little back on his pasterns. Deep brisket, well tucked up, correct topline, balanced angulation in th rear. His good movement won him this award.

Select Bitch  Kilcullen-Steiner and Shaw’s Ch Castlemain Cill Chullinn Morgan

Another  exhibit who oozes quality. Tall bitch with feminine head which adds to her elegance. She carried her head high on a strong neck which led into a well laid shoulder. Topline is flat. Balanced angulation in rear. Correctly carried tail. Moved soundly.

 Awards of Merit

Brown’s Ch Hound Hill Taggerty

McDonald and Roland’s Ch Dun Myrica Speaker of Eagle

Johnson’s Ch Gladstone’s Come Fly With Me

Flanagan’s Ch Carrickaneena An Firic


Stud Dogs ( 5 entered, 3 abs )

1 Gagne’s Ch Starkeeper McEnroe of Limerick

2 Carter, Gagne and Propokenko’s Glenamadda Starkeeper Armagh.


Brood Bitch ( 12 entered, 5 abs )

1 Ewing,McDonald and Wiseman-Adams’s Ch Limerick Lea of Eagle

2 Kilcullen-Steiner and Shaw’s Ch Castlemain Cill Chuillinn Morgan

3 Bregy’s Ch Wildisle Spicemate Charmer

4 Bono and McDonald’s Ch Armaitiu Nainsi of Eagle


Brace ( 5 entered, 1 abs )

Gagne and Prokopenko’s

Glenamadda Starkeeper Chevonne/Glenamadda Starkeeper Clodagh


Team ( 1 entered ,0 abs )

Prokopenko and Gagne’s and Boldock

Glenamadda Starkeeper Bellamie/Starkeeper Glenamadda USA Flag

Ch Glenamadda Starkeeper UR Zada/Can Ch Starkeeper California Ierne