Regular Bitch Classes 2010
30th Anniversary Show IWADV

Mr P V Pask, Baronglen Irish Wolfhounds, Wales

Class 8 Puppy Bitch ( 6-9 months) ( 13 bitches, 4 abs )

1. Flanagan’s Carrickaneena Greenore

Attractive young lady 6 months of age who appealed to me. Lovely size and substance for her age. Excellent well proportioned head with correct bite, darkest of eye and rose ears carried to perfection. Well made front assembly. Long body but most of the length is correctly in the ribcage as it should be. Balanced angulation behind. Moved so soundly for one so young. ( Best Puppy).

2. Gagne and Prokopenko’s Glenamadda Starkeeper Chevonne

Closely fought contest but this puppy is a little less advanced than the winner but has all the attributes for a promising future . Typical, feminine head  with correct bite. Good depth all through. Long body with correct length of coupling. Angulation front and rear is balanced. Came to the fore when she moved.

3. McCarthy’s Maccaura Lulu

Another nice young lady of 8 months of age.A little apprehensive but still showed her quality. Beautiful  head held high on a long neck. Well angulated in front with good length to upper arm. Pleasing turn of stifle. Moved well in a strong class.

4. Schneidman’s Erinwood Sophia

Pretty bitch and one of the best movers in the class. Nice head, long neck and well laid shoulder. Straight legs, cat feet. Brisket should drop with age. Super length to body. Good topline and turn of stifle. Moved well. Worthy of her place in such a strong class.

Class 9 Puppy Bitch ( 9-12 months ) ( 10 bitches, 3 abs )

1. Kamath’s Big Hill Elegant Cassendra

This bitch caught my eye when she entered the ring and did not disappoint on examination. Feminine head with lovely dark eye and correct bite. Strong , muscled neck flowing into well angulated scapula. Plenty of forechest and deep brisket. Long body with correct length of ribcage and loin. Super topline and excellent hind angulation. Her peak condition showed when she moved so purposefully around the ring.

2. Kilcullen-Steiner’s Cill Chuillinn’s Quicksilver

Gave the winner a battle for the top spot. Beautiful head enhanced by dark eyes and correct bite. Well arched long neck ,deep chest and  strong,straight bones. Not quite the body length of winner. Balanced angulation front and rear. Moved soundly using her excellent hindquarters to drive her around the ring.

3. Houston McDonald’s Limerick Nollaig GE of Eagle

A bitch of similar type to the winners.  13 month old wheaten. Scissor bite and good pigmentation for her colour. Adequate angulation between scapula and upper arm. Straight forelegs and cat feet. Needs to drop in chest which I am sure she will do given time. Flat topline, adequate rear angulation. Would like more width through the thigh. Moved well.

4. Murphy and Yorke’s Cugein Caragln Omurchada Abryan

Grey brindle bitch of 12 months. Feminine head, ears carried and placed well. Dark eye, scissor bite. Strong neck. Really deep brisket for one so young. Croup is a little steep . Reasonable angulation fore and aft. Moved correctly.

Class 10 Puppy ( 12-18 Months) ( 24 entries, 2 abs)

What a fantastic class. Many quality bitches went without a placing but I am sure will have a bright future.

1. St Clair and Benjamin’s Warwick Teacht of Aerie

Outstanding exhibit all curves as a galloping hound should be. Super head, lovely dark eye. Excellent reach to neck leading into a well constructed front. Deep broad chest. Good length of leg, correct topline. Lovely strong well angulated hindquarters. Excelled on the move.

2. Dormandy’s O’Lugh’s Tequila Sunrise

Another fabulous bitch and it was a close contest between her and the winner. Beautiful head, long strong neck, well laid shoulder, good length and angulation to upper arm. Correct topline and well laid croup. Super hindquarters.  Moved soundly . In hard muscular condition.

3. Pline and Yorke’s Tomahawke’s Harvest Moon over Cu Gein

Quality exhibit again with a lovely feminine head. Good strength and length to neck. Straight strong bone and tight feet. Correct body proportions. Plenty of heart and lung room. Balanced angulation front and rear. Movement was a pleasure to watch as it was so easy and active.

4. LeVan’s Lismore Stoneybrook Elbereth

Absolutely lovely 12 month old bitch with loads of promise for the future. Pretty feminine head with well carried ears and scissor bite. Super bite. Long neck, well laid scapula and correct angulation . Good feet. Lovely depth of topline, super tuck up, well angulated hindquarters. Lovely bitch who deserved her place today.

Class 11 Novice Bitches (10 bitches, 2abs)

1. Distefano and Linden Mythic’s Kindred Vala

 I loved this bitch who had tremendous ring presence. Super head , dark eye with a kind expression. Strong well arched neck and well angulated front assembly. Sufficient breadth all through. Long ribcage, strong loin with slight arch in the correct place. Good turn of stifle and good width through the hocks. Best mover in the class.

2. Gagne and Prokopenko’s Starkeeper Glenmadda USA Flag

This was another bitch I liked very much. She was a lovely example of the breed ,full of quality but lost out to the winner on rear drive. Pleasing head, long neck and excellent front assembly. Deep body of correct length. Well constructed rear . Moved well.

3. McDonald and Roland’s Ardrhi R Noble Caoilfhionn

Attractive 15 month old youngster. Correct bite and ear carriage. Strong neck. A little upright in shoulder .Good substance with straight forelegs and lovely feet. Balanced all through. A touch steep in croup. A quality bitch who moved soundly and efficiently around the ring.

4. McCarthy and Patterson’s Maccaura Spirit of Porka

Tall upstanding bitch of lovely breed type. Nice head with dark eyes atop a long strong neck. Good front assembly . Deep body, correct length of coupling and well made hindquarters which she used on the move. Damaged her tail the night before the show but still carried it well when she moved.

Class 12 Bred by Exhibitor ( 18 bitches, 4 abs )

This was another class exhibiting some bitches of such high quality that I wished I could have given out more awards.

1. Myer’s Kellykerry Peony of Aerie

A bitch that caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring. A quality exhibit that for me stood out when she moved around the ring. Excellent head that typifies the breed , enhanced by dark eyes and correctly carried rose ears. Long strong neck which flowed into excellent front. Straight forelegs and lovely tight cat feet. Long topline, correctly coupled , exactly the correct angulation needed in the rear.  On the move she exhibited the long, low stride which is required by our breed.

2. McDonald and Rolands Armaitiu Nona of Eagle

A close contest with the winner and typical of what I was hoping to see when I came to the U.S.A. Feminine all through and again illustrating a typical head with a correct bite. She needs to drop a little in brisket but still only 17 months of age. Correct body proportions all through and balanced fore and aft. I loved her movement when she showed herself off so well.

3. Flanagan’s  FC Carickaneena Crionnacht Darcy

Another super bitch with a lovely head, dark pigmentation, rose ears and a correct bite. Well angulated in front, deep brisket. Shorter in body than predecessors but in correct proportions . Desired angulation in rear. Moved well and soundly.

4. Caswell’s Carnasserie Savannah

Loved this bitch who was up against such strong competition. Still relatively young with a good future. Feminine head, well laid shoulders, adequate length to her upper arm. Lovely cat feet. Long body in correct proportions and well tucked up. Desired angulation in her rear.  Sound and strong on the move.

Class 13 American Bred Bitch ( 17 bitches, 3 abs )

1. Dormandy, Marx and Benjamin’s O’Lugh’s Jigger of Aerie

A lovely 2 year old youngster with good length of leg. Correct head proportions, dark eyes,strong underjaw, well furnished . Strong neck which leads so nicely into a well angulated front assembly with super length to her upper arm. Deep wide body of correct length. Pleasing topline and well set pelvis. Was a little lethargic on the move but was probably affected by the heat. Well deserved the special award.
(Reserve Winners Bitch)

2. Johnson’s Gladsone’s Wicca

I loved this girl who lost out to the winner on length of leg and angulation. Pleasing head , a touch light in eye, excellent  bite and dentition. Not quite the front assembly of the winner. Nice topline and coupling. Good depth all through. Well set on tail. Adequate turn of stifle. Moved well.

3. Pline and Osborne’s Tomahawke’s  Arrluk for Wolfhaven

21 month old bitch with an attractive head enhanced by dark eyes, rose ears and a strong underjaw. Straight forelegs and good feet. Well angulated in front and correct depth and length to body. A touch steep in croup which accentuated her rear angulation. Moved soundly but did not have the reach and drive of winners.

4. Sharpe’s Connemara’s Papa Don’t Preach

Typical bitch of 3 years of age. Shorter on the leg than the previous winners. Pleasing feminine head. Straight bone, correct breadth and length to body. Balanced angulation front and rear. Well set on tail. Low hocks. Moved well.

Class 14 Open Bitch ( 18 bitches, 5 abs )

1. McDonald’s Gabor of Eagle

Super, typical bitch of good height, great size and that commanding appearance asked for in the standard. Lovely head with dark pigmentation and correct bite. Excellent front assembly, broad body of correct proportions. Well laid pelvis and turn of stifle. Low hocks. On the move she showed herself exceptionally well and deserved the winners bitch award.
(Winners Bitch)

2. Myer and St Clair’s Kellykerry Isolde of Aerie.

A good size bitch who also illustrated ring presence. Feminine head with a lovely expression and dark eyes. Well made in front assembly . Deep chest, long ribcage and well tucked up. Correct length of loin. Long thigh and second thigh, low hocks. Moved soundly but not with the drive of the winner.

3. Abrams and Howard’s Aragorn Cecilia O’Tailstorm

Nice bitch who had a lovely head though ears were a little large. Long neck. Well laid shoulder and ample forechest. Straight legs and good feet. Shorter on the leg than the previous winners .  Strong topline.  A little steep in croup. Well muscled hindquarters. Moved soundly.

4. Levin and Osborne’s Wolfhaven Affair to Remember

Attractive 2 year old bitch with a nice head and expression. Ears a little large. Strong neck leading into well laid scapula. Straight forelegs and cat feet. Deep chest and long body. A little steep in croup. Adequate angulation.  Moved well.