Regular Dog Classes 2010
30th Anniversary Show IWADV

Mr P V Pask, Baronglen Irish Wolfhounds, Wales

Firstly may I express my thanks to the officers and committee for their invite to officiate at this prestigious event and the hospitality extended to myself and my wife.  This was my first visit to the United States in any capacity and although my time in the country was limited it was a most enjoyable experience. You have a beautiful and welcoming country.

The quality of the exhibits was excellent, but I would at this point also like to acknowledge the courtesy and sportsmanship of the exhibitors. I found you all to be extremely polite and professional with regard to both my judging style and my placements.

My overall picture of the exhibits was one of in depth quality and indeed many placements could change on a different day. My winners however I felt deserved their placings in what were often hard fought contests. I was looking for a typical, galloping sighthound capable of doing the job for which they were bred and I was not disappointed.

My judging started in bright sunshine which lasted the two days of the show but the marquee provided shelter and shade for the exhibits when they were not on display. The showground was superb and the size of the ring greatly appreciated.

Throughout my judging I was supported by an excellent ring steward who answered my technical queries with patience enabling me to quickly familiarise myself with the AKC requirements on a practical rather than theoretical level. Many thanks to Gregory Kane. All the officials and organisers gave me the same level of help and support and my thanks also go to them.

I am aware that this was the 30th anniversary of your shows and the support you received was excellent. I wish you much success in the future. .

Class 1 Puppy Dog  6-9 months  ( 17 dogs, 3 abs)

1. Shaw’s Castlemain’s Salinger

Pleasing 9 month old youngster. Well proportioned head, dark eye and correct bite. Tall dog with good length of leg, deep chest and well ribbed back. Balanced angulation front and back. He tended to carry his tail a little high on the move. Moved enthusiastically and soundly around the ring.

2. Flanagan’s Carrickaneena Tyrconnell

Closely fought contest with winner. Lovely head enhanced by a dark eye ,rose ear and plenty of        furnishings. Super neck leading into a well laid scapula. Correct topline and length of loin. Strong well angulated hindquarters . Moved soundly.

3. Kubacz and Salmon’s Dun Myrica Doctor Gonzo of Eagle

Another quality exhibit. 6 month old dog with a typical head and strong underjaw. Good pigmentation and correctly held small ears. A little upright in shoulder. Good depth to brisket. Well angulated rear but not exaggerated in any way. Moved with drive and determination.

4. Smith’s St Leger Grafton

Attractive youngster who looks his young age but who I am sure will mature well. Lovely head and neck.  Reasonable front assembly.  I would like a longer upper arm. Longer coupled than the other winners and less angulation behind but balanced all through. Moved well which gave him his placing.

Class 2  Puppy 9-12 months ( 4 dogs ,2 abs )

1. Cline and Devor’s Big Hill Ike

Super  11 month old youngster with a lovely outline. Good head with a correct bite. Strong neck and a well constructed front. Deep chest. Long body with correct proportion of ribcage to loin length. Correct angulation to pelvis. Balanced angulation behind. In excellent condition. Moved very well around the ring.

2. Kilcullen-Steiner ‘s Cill Chuillinn’s Isinglass

A lovely  youngster with a balanced head, correct bite and ear carriage. Well angulated in front but a little short in upper arm. As required topline had a slight arch over the loin and adequate turn of stifle. A little erratic on the move but this will I am sure settle with age.

Class 3 Puppy 12 -18 months ( 13 dogs, 0 abs )

1. Wiseman-Adams and Adams Temair Let Freedom Ring of Eagle

15 month red dog who is typical of the breed. Strong and masculine head enhanced by dark eye and pigmentation. Correct bite. Good width all through, straight strong bones, deep chest, well sprung ribcage, level topline. Balanced angulation front and rear. Needed encouragement on the move but  his overall quality placed him first in this class.

2. Bregy’s Wildisle Star Wars

Another pleasing exhibit . Well balanced head foreface to stop and stop to occiput. Perhaps a little light in eye. Good bite. Strong neck of good length set into well laid scapula. Long upper arm. Straight legs. Needs to deepen in brisket. Good length to body. Correct lay of pelvis. Balanced rear angulation. Moved well.

3. Shaw’s Castlemain’s Bram of Sidhe

Very similar dog but with larger ears and a shorter neck. Good width all through. Adequate angulation front and rear. Level topline . Croup a little steeper than the previous winners. Lovely mover who demonstrated drive and determination when he went around the ring.

4. Genovese’s Skes Lionking

Attractive 17 month wheaten dog with good pigmentation and a very dark eye. Adequate angulation in front but a little short in upper arm. Good width all through. Deep chest. Feet could have been tighter. Strong well angulated behind. Movement not as good as the other class winners.

Class 4 Novice Dogs ( 8 dogs,1 abs )

1. Boldock, Prokopenko and Gagne’s Glenamadda Starkeeper Banner

Typical dog with a lovely outline. 2 year s of age. Tall dog with curves all through. Super head with a  gentle expression. Strong neck leading into a well laid shoulder. Correct topline including well placed arch over the loin. Good turn of stifle and good width through hocks. Moved out well and I forgave the fact he carried his tail a little high.

2. Wortman’s Redtops Graedy

Closely fought contest with the winner who won his class on his better  topline. Masculine head carried on a strong neck which leads into well angulated front assembly. Straight forelegs. Good bone. Well padded feet. A level topline and a little long in loin. Well made rear illustrating good angulation. Moved with drive which supplemented his commanding appearance.

3. Patterson’s Riversong Heart of Gold

Another quality exhibit who is shorter on the leg in comparison to his body than the previous winners. Large ears detracted a little from what was otherwise a good head. Strong hard muscled condition. Balanced angulation front and rear. A little long in loin. Correct lay of pevis. Well set on tail. Moved enthusiastically.

4. Pitt’s Calyddon Hoel

Almost two years old this wheaten illustrated good breed type. Pleasing head which led into a strong neck and a reasonably angulated front assembly. A little short in upper arm. Croup a little steep. Well angulated behind. Moved soundly and deserved his placing.

Class 5 Bred-by-exhibitor Dogs ( 5 dogs, 0abs)

1. Carter, Gagne and Prokopenko’s Glenamadda Starkeeper Armagh

A quality dog who won this class on his overall balance. Typical head, scissor bite and well placed ears. Strong neck. Good breadth all through. Deep brisket .Good angulation in front. Well ribbed back. Sufficient turn of stifle with pleasing width through hocks. Moved with power and drive.

2. Giordani and Smith’s Taliesin’s Willow’s Glympse

Longer on the leg than the winner but not excessively tall or straight. Ears a little large. Dark eye. Scissor bite. Strong neck leading into well constructed  front with strong straight bone. Correct body proportions ,topline and croup. Enough angulation in rear. Moved well. Closely fought contest with winner.

3. Flanaghan’s Carrickaneena Meirgire

Super  head with plenty of furnishings . Scissor bite. Balanced angulation front and back. Long coupled. Arch over topline a little far forward. Well laid pelvis. Good tail carriage. Moved well.

4. Carswell and Newgard’s Carnasserie Chord

Typical head but I would have preferred a darker eye and smaller ears. Correct bite. Well muscled neck leading into adequately constructed front. Feet a little large. Lovely deep chest and good length to loin. Steeper in croup than winner. Good rear angulation. Moved well. Another quality exhibit.

Class 6 American-Bred Dogs ( 7 dogs,0abs)

1. Dormandy’s O’Lugh’s Jagermeister of Aerie

Beautiful dog who I loved as soon as he entered the ring. Tall yet elegant. Typical galloping sighthound. Super head, scissor bite, well placed ears. Correct shape and size. Long strong neck flowing into well laid scapular, deep wide chest, correct tuck up, topline and croup. Well balanced hindquarters. Non- cooperation with handler meant he was not moving to his best advantage but he was extremely sound and true. ( Reserve winners dog )

2. Purvis’s Fleetwind Carroy Duan Amergin

Another quality exhibit which meant another closely fought contest but this dog did not have quite the presence and curves of the winner . Typical head but ears a little large. Strong neck, well constructed front assembly, good width throughout, level topline, balanced angulation behind, super bone, moved well.

3. Sharpe’s Connemara’s Pagan Justice

Attractive dog with a pleasing head. Adequate angulation in front, straight legs. Croup a little too straight which gave his hindquarters a “ tucked up” appearance.  Moved soundly but did not stride out behind. 

4. Carter’s Armagh’s Faolan Buster )O’Ros

A typical wolfhound with no exaggerations anywhere.  Balanced all through.  Head spoilt by large flat ears . Correct bite. Good reach of neck. Deep brisket and balanced angulation front and rear. Correct topline. Moved Well.

Class 7 Open Dog  ( 9 dogs, 1 abs )

1. Deemer’s Dunmadadh Fitzarran Enigma

Attractive, well balanced ,typical male of 5 years of age who is looking  in absolute  peak condition. Masculine, correctly proportioned head atop a long strong neck. Well laid scapula and correct angulation between that and the upper arm. Deep chest, well ribbed back. Correct arch over the loin. Good tuck up and loin length. Balanced rear angulation. Correct lay of croup. Well carried tail. Low hocks . Stretched out in front and drove well from behind when on the move. ( Winners Dog).

2. Myer and St. Clair’s Kellykerry Cooper of Aerie

Big upstanding dog who lost out to winner on the winner’s overall balance. Typical head although ears could be a little smaller. Good width and depth all through. Adequate front angulation. A little steep in croup and slightly overangulated in the rear. Moved well.

3. Vaughan and Smith’s Taliesin’s Wheaten Whyncher

3 year old male with an acceptable head enhanced by a dark eye and correct bite. Strong neck, straight forelegs, good bone. Balanced angulation fore and aft. Deep chest, well alid pelvis and correctly carried tail. Moved soundly.

4. Monahan and Pline’s Tomahawke’s Cedar of Shanachie

Wheaten dog whose eyes were a little light but acceptable. Adequate angulation in front. Arch over loin a touch too far forward. Needs more turn of stifle . Moved soundly and true but lacked reach in front and drive behind.