Sweepstakes 2010
Pat Pask, Baronglen Irish Wolfhounds, Wales


Firstly I would like to thank the Committee of the IWADV for the invitation to judge the sweepstakes and secondly the exhibitors for bringing your puppies for my opinion.

This was my first appointment abroad and I had looked forward to it with great anticipation.
I was not disappointed in any way. The venue was superb, the ring of a great size and your hospitality was second to none. Thank you so much.

My overall opinion of the standard of the puppies was that you have depth and quality in abundance in your youngsters and I hope they go on to fulfill the promise they exhibit at the present time.

One concern I did have however was dentition. I found two undershot mouths and several with incisors inside the gums. Interestingly this appeared more in bitches than dogs.

In my winners I found what I was looking for namely dogs of good size ,shape and substance. It is important to me that they  illustrate that they can do the job for which they were originally bred . I make no apologies for the time I took to judge the puppies as watching them go around the ring was such a pleasure and made my day so enjoyable.

Finally my thanks go to my steward Greg Kane for his efficiency.

Class 1

Puppy 6 to 9 months Dogs ( 17 dogs, 2 abs )

1. Ryan,Flanagan and Flanagan’s  Carrickaneena Paddy at Curiann

9 month old grey brindle who caught my eye as soon as he entered the ring as he exuded type and quality. Strong masculine head enhanced by dark eyes and good ear carriage. His neck was strong and well muscled. Front construction was good. Plenty of substance, strong loin. Good topline and hindquarters. On the move once he settled he looked so good. I hope he fulfils the promise he shows at the present time.

2. Flanagans Carrickaneena Tyrconnell

Again this dog impressed me and I was so pleased when I read my catalogue to see he was the litter brother to my winner as my notes state “ pushed winner hard “. He was another quality puppy and all that I said about the winner applies to him. The reason I chose his brother first was I preferred the front construction. Again this puppy also moved with drive and determination around the ring.


3. Gagne, Prokopenko Starkeeper Glenamadda Fyrenze of Gryffindor

8 month old wheaten brindle of lovely type who I also liked but who caused me much “ head scratching “ as when he stood he tended to dip his topline. However on the move he exhibited a long, ground covering trot and held his topline well.

4. Shaw’s Castlemain’s Salinger

Quality wheaten dog of 9 months of age. Ample substance. Moved well but I preferred the croup and hindquarters of the previous winners.


Class 2 Puppy Dog 9-12 months
( 3 dogs, 1 abs )

1. Cline and Devor  Big Hill Ike

Wheaten dog, 10 months of age who commanded the ring with his excellent movement.  Masculine head leading into a long strong neck. Adequate front construction, good topline and hindquarters. Very well muscled and his excellent condition showed in his movement.

2. Kilcullen- Steiner’s   Cill Chuillinn’s Isinglass

9 month old dog who needs time to mature. Typical head with dark eye. Balanced overall but did not move as well as the winner.


Class 3    12-15 months Dog 
( 5 dogs, 0 abs )

1. Carswell and Newgard’s   Carnasserie Coal

14 month grey dog whose commanding appearance was evident from the moment he entered the ring. Typical head though ears a little big. Correct bite. Long strong neck leading into excellent front construction.  Substantial hound with a very good outline. Well muscled hindquarters which he used to good effect as he went around the ring. This is definitely my type of dog and I was pleased to award him BISWPS.

2. Carswell and Newgard’s Carnasserie Fflint

14 month brindle who pushed the winner hard as he also moved out well. Masculine head, plenty of furnishings. Well balanced and substantial and the decision between these two was close. I did however prefer the topline of the winner at the moment but I think and hope both these dogs will continue to improve and will I am sure have very successful show careers.

3. Monahan’s Shanachie-N-Wolfhaven’s TNT

Another dog of good size but not quite the curves of the first two dogs. Moved well but did not stride out going around the ring.

4. Johnson’s Gladstone’s Valentino

14 month old dog in fine condition. Typical but not as balanced as the previous winners. Well muscled. Crisp coat. Moved enthusiastically around the ring.

Class 4 ( 15 -18 month dog)
( 8 dogs, 0abs )

1. Wiseman- Adams and Adams Temair Let Freedom Ring of Eagle

Substantial 15 month wheaten dog who was all curves and looked impressive when standing. Typical head enhanced by dark eyes, pigmentation and neat ears. Strong neck. Good front angulation. Straight legs but a little upright in pastern. Well ribbed back  with correct length to loin. Excellent hindquarters and low hocks. Movement was erratic to start but once he settled he exhibited a correct gait and moved with purpose around the ring.

2. McDonald’s Dun Myrica Lyre of Eagle

15 month old dog of good size. I liked this dog very much but feel he needs more time to develop his potential. Masculine head, well muscled long neck. Did not have the front construction of the winner. Well bodied , with excellent hindquarters which he used so efficiently on the move.

3. Shaw’s Castleman’s Bram of Sidhe

Another lovely wheaten of good type, substance and quality. Lovely head enhanced with plenty of furnishings. Very good front angulation. Correct length of ribbing. Preferred the hindquarters and balance of the 1st and 2nd dog. Moved around the ring with ease.

4. Bregy’s Wildisle Star Wars

16 month old wheaten who is a good example of the breed. Correct proportions to head. Strong neck. Well muscled front and back. Good topline and underline. Shorter on the leg than the previous winners. Moved correctly.

Class 5 Puppy Bitch )( 6-9 months )
( 12 bitches, 3 abs )

1. Flanaghan’s Carrickaneena Greenore

This bitch showed her quality and presence as soon as she moved around the ring. Correct, feminine head with a pleasing dark eye. Small rose ears correctly carried. Long  muscled neck. Well inclined shoulder. Good length to upper arms. Ample forechest. Proportioned length of ribs to loin. Strong hindquarters.

2. Gagne/ Prokopenko’s  Glenamadda Starkeeper Chevonne

Such a sweet young puppy whose expression melted my heart. Typical head enhanced with dark eyes, good pigmentation and  ear carriage.Correct bite. Balanced throughout. Topline needs to settle. Strong, well muscled hindquarters. Excellent mover.

3. Cline/Schneidman’s Erinwood Charlotte

Well grown grey brindle in superb condition. Delightful feminine head with dark eye correct ear carriage and bite. Balanced front and back. Moved well.

4. Gagne/Prokopenko ‘s Glenamadda Starkeeper Clodagh

I see this puppy is the litter sister to 2 and I liked her very much but she is more immature than her sister and I feel  needs more time to develop her promising potential. Well Muscled. Moved around the ring in a purposeful manner.

Class 6 Puppy Bitch ( 9-12 months )
( 9 bitches, 1 abs, )

1. Kamath’s Big Hill Elegant Cassendra

10 month wheaten bitch of lovely type. Correct head proportions, correct bite, dark pigmentation and well carried ears though a little large in size. Well put together with balanced front and rear. A little long in loin but showed herself well on the move.

2. Carswell/ Newgards’s Carnasserie Winter Solstice of Limerick

I loved this bitch as soon as she came in the ring but at the present time  she is rather slack in topline and steep in croup. Given time to develop I am sure she will be a stunner. Tall, substantial bitch with lovely head and expression. Long neck leading into good front construction. Good feet. Well angulated hindquarters which she used effectively on the move.

3. Casey Kilcullen-Steiner’s Cill Chullinn’s Quicksiver

Grey brindle bitch who illustrated type and quality. Curves front and back but did not extend on the move as well as the previous two winners. Another whose  topline should settle given time.

4. Oesch’s Just the Breeze of Aerie

Substantial tall girl who is not as mature as the other 3 winners. Lovely type who moved well and was in excellent condition.

Class 7  Bitch ( 12 -15 months)
( 10 bitches 0 abs )

1. Dormandy’s O’Lugh’s Tequila Sunrise

1 year old grey brindle bitch of excellent type. Her feminine head was a good example enhanced by by rose ears and facial furnishings. Long well muscled neck leading into a good front assembly. Straight legs. Good feet. Deep chest.  Strong topline. Well angulated hindquarters which she used correctly on the move.

2. LeVan’s Lismore Stoneybrook Elbereth

I also liked this bitch very much. Elegant and feminine she carried her head high on a long strong neck. Another with good front construction and strong hindquarters. Her ring presence was such that you could not ignore her when she was moving though she was a little more erratic than the winner.

3. Flynn’s Shancarrick’s Assumpta

This grey brindle bitch was well presented and showed much promise. Very nice head with ample facial furnishings and neat small ears. Balanced throughout . Moved well and pushed hard for a higher placing but I preferred the hindquarters of the previous winners.

4. St Clair’s Hannie of Warwick

Tall substantial bitch who though not as curvy as the previous winners shows much promise. She is a good example of the breed who needs time to develop. Moved correctly once she settled.

Class 8 Bitch 15 – 18 months
( 16 bitches, 1 abs )

This was a lovely class and many more bitches deserved an award.

1. Houston McDonald and Roland’s Armaitiu Nona of Eagle

16 month bitch who impressed me as soon a she entered the ring and started to move. She has a beautiful  feminine head and a soft expression . Her ears however could be a little smaller. Balanced  outline ,very elegant in her stance. Excellent topline. Good depth to chest and well drawn up underline. Strong,  muscled hindquarters. Moved well showing herself to her best advantage around the ring. Pleased to award her the BOSSWPS.

2. Gagne/Prokopenko Starkeeper Glenamadda Kayte

Upstanding substantial bitch of lovely type. Pleasing head and expression. Good, balanced outline. Moved well with drive and determination . Another who needs time to achieve her full potential.

3. Simon and LeVan Stoneybrook Lismore Gypsy Rose

This bitch pushed hard for a higher placing but I preferred the croup setting on the previous two winners. Very feminine  with plenty of substance. Typical head, strong neck, excellent front construction.  Well angulated hindquarters. Moved correctly.

4.. McDonalds Dun Myrica Lyra of Eagle.

I loved this bitch but unfortunately her decision not to co-operate with her handler prevented her from a higher placing. However I could not ignore her quality . Lovely type who is a fine  example of the breed . Excellent condition.