IWADV 2011 Specialty Show Results

Irish Wolfhound Association of the Delaware Valley
October 9 & 10, 2011
Morgantown, PA
Judge - Jan Pain

total 58

Regular Classes - Dogs

Winner's Dog: CARNASSERIE FLINT from Open Dog Class


Reserve Winner's Dog: WILDISLE STAR WARS from Bred-By Class



Winners Dog
Winner's Dog


Reserve Winners Dog
Reserve Winners Dog


6 to 9 Puppy Months dogs -5 entered (1 absent)


DUN MYRICA NO FOOLIN' EAGLE OF ARD RHI. HP407384/02. 04/01/11. breeder: Sam Houston McDonald. By CH Dun Myrica Speaker Of Eagle - CH Garlow Neesha Of Eagle. owner: Linda King.

Well boned and substantial curvy puppy from the lower end of the age scale. Decent head piece, good neck and forehand, scored in having width all through. Would prefer slightly longer ribbing, topline slightly roached. Lovely sound free mover, covered a lot of ground.


TALIESIN'S REALTBHVION. HP399745/02. 03/07/11. breeder: Donna Smith & David Smith. By CH Taliesin's Suailce, JC - Taliesin's Wylde Rum Runner. owner: Donna & David Smith.

Another promising pup, not quite the width or front of 1, nicely angulated both ends, but going through the leggy stage, good quarters, touch long in loin, free easy mover.


TALIESIN'S DEA-MHIOTAIL. HP396890/02. 01/26/11. breeder: Donna Smith & David Smith. By GCH.CAN.CH Taliesin's Willow's Glympse - Taliesin's Lasairiona. owner: Donna & David Smith.

Tall wheaten with substance, good shoulder and length of upper arm, well angulated hind quarters, rather narrow all through, lacks underline, moved out well.


RIVERSONG'S PEACE AND LOVE. HP400630/05. 01/14/11. breeder: Cynthia Patterson & Dave Patterson & Sue McClure. By CH Caraglen Travis McGee - Riversong Pardon My Heart. owner: Julia Green and Cynthia Patterson.

This pup was the oldest in the class, and has shot up in growth and left his curves behind at the moment. Sweet head with excellent pigment , decent neck and tuck up, feet rather long and flat.


9 to 12 Months dogs - 11 entered


YGDRASIL LAIRD O THE DANCE PRYDAIN. HP401913/02. 11/01/10. breeder: Owner & Kathy Edwards & Donna Smith. By CH Tirowen Lord O The Dance - CH Lovesong Von Der Oelmuhle. owner: Carrie McLean.

Powerful masculine gr/br, attractive head and expression, good shoulder and well filled forechest, correct ribbing and topline, balanced angulation, strong active mover, pushed hard by 2


O'MURCHADHA'S BOROMIR. HP392837/05. 11/17/10. breeder: Pamela Murphy. By GCH.CAN.CH Taliesin's Willow's Glympse - O'Murchadha Redtop Anamcara RN. owner: Judith Chantelois and Brynley Dolman & Pamela Murphy.

Promising light grey/br, lovely overall shape and balance, attractive head, really liked this hound, his handler just didn't do him justice, needs to move him out more, but sound enough, didn't really show his potential.


REDTOPS HEARTHSIDE RONAN AT AENLIC. HP398305/04. 11/27/10. breeder: Rosemary E. Wortman. By CH Caragen Travis McGee - Brenniams Redtop Virginia Rose. owner: J. Laughton and C. Guilfoyle, G. Laughton, J. Todd.

R/br of lighter build, good overall outline and angulation both ends, would like more substance all through, but free easy mover.


REDTOPS AS TIME GOES BY. HP398305/01. 11/27/10. breeder: Owner. By CH Caraglen Travis McGee - Brenniams Redtop Virginia Rose. owner: Rosemary E. Wortman.

This red hound has the most lovely dark eye and pigment, has good feet, sadly he lacks curves at present, a little narrow and shallow all through, but lovely free easy mover.


12 to 18 Months dogs - 8 entered


FITZARRAN DUNMADADH PADRAIC BRIE QUINN. HP387289/01. 07/29/10. breeder: Wm. & Betty Deemer & Patricia Cobb. By CH Brie Shooting From The Hip - Dunmadadh Fitzarran Echo. owner: Mariellen Dentino and Debbie & Beth Chastain

Masculine r/br, not the largest but well balanced all through. Attractive head and neat ears, good neck, correct top and underlines, balanced angulation both ends, Ample bone and substance, flowing easy movement, excellent feet. Won this class with some to spare.


EIRIAN'S COOL JAZZ RUNNING. HP377797/02. 05/27/10. breeder: M. E. Shriver & R. & C. Coen. By FC Eirian's Coltrane Running - DC Riversong's Long May You Run. owner: M. E. Shriver.

Masculine gr/br, decent head but flat ears, good neck into adequate forehand, good depth of brisket , rather long in the loin so flattens his topline when moving, making his body too long for the length of leg and spoiling his overall balance. Sound mover.


EIRIAN'S BENTLEY. HP377797/06. 05/27/10. breeder: Mary Ellen Shriver. By DC Eirian's Coltrane Running - DC Riversong's Long May You Run. owner: Kirill Zaychik

Very substantial gr/br, head rather heavy and "stoppy", flat ears don't help. Has good length and strength of neck, well angulated forehand, ribbing ok, has depth of brisket but lacks tuck up , moved ok.


RYSHERON'S HIDDEN ASSETS AT YGDRASIL. HP389455/05. 08/21/10. breeder: Cheryl Riggs & J. Lindley & L. Randall. By Rysheron's Pling O'Phelan - CH Rysheron's Citadel De Ja Vu. owner: Carrie McLean.

R/br similar in shape to 3, head ok, rather flat ears, reasonable shoulder and ribbing but rather short steep upper arm, lacks tuck up. Hind angulation is better, moves ok but feet rather flat.


Novice dogs - 3 entered


GLENAMADDA STARKEEPER BANNER. HP321430/05. 07/04/08. breeder: Susan Prokopenko & Jocelyne Gagne. By GCH Starkeeper McEnroe Of Limerick - CH Glenamadda Starkeeper U R Zada, JC. owner: Susan Prokopenko and Jocelyne Gagne & Ewa Boldok.

Substantial r/br who won this class with some in hand, attractive masculine head, neat ears, adequate neck into well laid shoulders, touch upright in upper arm, deep brisket, a little short in rib and a touch long in loin, well held topline, sound mover.


GLADSTONE'S VALENTINO. HP348252/07. 07/14/09. breeder: Betty Johnson & Roger Johnson & Christine Johnson. By CH Wolf Tone Mike - CH Gladston's Come Fly With Me. owner: Betty Johnson and Roger Johnson & Christine Johnson.

Gr/br of good size, lovely head and expression even though he has flat ears! Decent neck and shoulder, but upright in upper arm. Ribbing and underline ok, although sound, his steep croup restricts his hind movement.


CABHRAIGH OF WARWICK. HP360511/03. 10/04/09. breeder: Dane Emerson St.Clair, Glenn Myer, & Audrey E. St.Clair. By CH Pitlochry's Keystone - Kellykerry Isolde Of Aerie. owner: Dane Emerson St.Clair and Audrey E. St.Clair.

Gr/br with very nice head and ears, excellent bite, good length of neck into rather upright forehand, sadly uncoordinated on the move.


Bred-by-Exhibitor dogs - 12 entered (3 Absent)

RWD 1.

WILDISLE STAR WARS. HP346982/02. 06/09/09. breeder: Jill R. Bregy. By AM.CAN.CH Lilliput Wildisle Immigrant - BISS CH Wildisle Spicemate Charmer, CGC. owner: Jill R. Bregy.

Lovely curvy hound of balanced proportions, attractive head and although I would like a darker eye he still has a soft expression. Strong neck into well laid shoulders, deep long ribbing, correct length of loin, excellent top and underlines, topped by a harsh crisp coat. Moved out freely and soundly on well padded feet.


SHANACHIE-N-WOLFHAVEN'S TNT. HP358527/02. 10/02/09. breeder: Donna Monahan & Donita Osborne & Debra Traskos. By CH Wolfhaven Aint No Fool To O'Lugh - CH ThunderWolf Tessa Of Shanachie. owner: Donna Monahan.

Rangier gr/br , of lovely make and shape, attractive head, flat ears, balanced hound nicely angulated at both ends. A little steep in croup, but a free easy mover


QUINT OF AERIE. HP375562/01. 01/19/10. breeder: Doug Marx & Amy Benjamin & Donita Osborne. By CH Pitlochry's Quintus - CH Wolfhaven Caper Of Aerie. owner: Doug Marx and Amy Benjamin.

Attractive pale gr/br, liked his outline and balance, lovely head and neat ears, good neck into shapely forehand, could have a deeper brisket, touch steep in croup, moved out well.


CARRICKANEENA TYRCONNELL. HP375549/01. 01/25/10. breeder: Eileen M. & Eileen B. Flanagan. By CH Carrickaneena An Firic Aris - DC Carrickaneena Crionnacht Darcy, SC. owner: Eileen M. & Eileen B. Flanagan.

Gr/R/br , of attractive proportions, strong hound with excellent hind quarters, lovely dark eyes, a little upright in pastern and tended to roach on the move.


American Bred dogs - 7 entered (2 Absent)


KELLAMORE BRAEMAR OF FITZWICK. HP193675/07. 12/01/05. breeder: Joanne B. Brown. By CH Karontara Starkeeper Dylan - CH Kellamore C'est La Vie, CD, AX, AXJ. owner: John Fitzgerald.

Close decision between 1& 2, not much to choose between them, could change places another day. Felt that this dog just had the edge, loved his well filled forehand and correct top and underlines, lovely balance and curves, a hound with plenty of scope, this showed to advantage on the move.


R NOBLE FOR PETE'S SAKE OF EAGLE. HP269900/04. 05/26/07. breeder: S. E. Ewing, S. H. McDonald, J. M. Roland. By CH Kellcastle Gryffindor Seeker - Grealla Of Eagle. owner: Joe & Kathy Roland.

Another good hound, well balanced , strong neck, well laid shoulders, these remarks apply to both hounds, just felt 1 had the edge in forehand, both strong hounds with good bone and feet, this one just a tad longer cast, both free sound movers


RIVERLAWN EXIT OF AERIE. HP375719/01. 03/09/10. breeder: Doug Marx & Amy Benjamin. By CH Pitlochry's Keystone - CH PItlochry's Entry. owner: Doug Marx and Amy Benjamin.

Tall dark gr/br, masculine head with good ears, overall a well balanced hound who still has some maturing to do, would like more depth of brisket which could come with maturity, moved out well, will be interesting to see how he finishes.


CORCAIGH O'LAOGHAIRE O'ROS, CD, RN, CGC. HP339176/02. 11/25/08. breeder: Robert J. Brehl and Deirdre M. Brehl. By Athair Crionna O'Ros - CH Sadhbh O'Ros. owner: Jodie Jeweler and Robert J. Brehl.

Gr/br, lovely head and darkest of kind eyes, lovely soft expression, sadly lacks angulation fore and aft, moved soundly off decent feet, but lacks extension.


Open dogs - 12 entered



CARNASSERIE FLINT. HP350155/10. 08/17/09. breeder: Jacqueline Carswell and Patty Newgard. By CH Lonnkyle Carnasserie Pieter - CH Carnasserie Cerridwen. owner: Jacqueline Carswell and Patty Newgard.

Beautifully balanced cr/br dog of immediate appeal and lovely breed type, loved his outline and balance of angulation, excellent head with correct planes and neat ears. Eyes could be a tad darker, but still a soft expression. Good reach of neck into excellent forehand, long deep ribbing and correct loin, correct top and underlines. Powerful quarters used to advantage, very sound scopy mover, excellent extension fore and aft.


O'LUGH'S JAGERMEISTER OF AERIE. HP325930/02. 11/03/08. breeder: Doug Marx & Amy Benjamin. By CH Pitlochry's Quintus - CH Pitlochry's Jasmin. owner: Andrea & Michael Dormady.

Tall gr/r/br of lovely breed type, attractive headpiece, has balanced fore and hind angulation, good ribbing and top and underlines, not quite the extension of 1 on the last go round, but sound free mover.


GLENAMADDA STARKEEPER CONNERY. HP381398/04. 03/14/10. breeder: J. Gagne & S. Prokopenko. By CH Glenamadda Starkeeper Armagh - CH Glenamadda Starkeeper Zada. owner: A. Wright and J. Gagne & S. Prokopenko.

Another cr/br with attractive head and expression, flat ears, good balance, would like a deeper brisket. Free and sound on the move.


ROCKHART LESTAT. HP301887/02. 03/21/08. breeder: Lynn Simon & Christiana Hartenstein. By CH Rockhart Memory Of Kerry - Rockhart Calamity. owner: Dr. Lynn Simon.

Old fashioned type, rather plain head, won his place on his lovely powerful forehand, outline spoilt by lack of tuck up, hindquarters could be stronger.