IWADV 2011 Specialty Show Results

Irish Wolfhound Association of the Delaware Valley
October 9 & 10, 2011
Morgantown, PA
Judge - Jan Pain

Regular Classes - 94 Bitches

Winner's Bitch: SKIBBERDEENS VIXEN from Open Class
Reserve Winner's Bitch: KELLYKERRY KEYNOTE OF AERIE from 9 to 12 month


Winners Bitch
Winners Bitch

Reserve Winners Bitch
Reserve Winners Bitch


6 to 9 Puppy Months bitches - 6 entered


TALIESIN'S REALTA SLUAIBE. HP399745/01. 03/07/11. breeder: Donna Smith & David Smith. By CH Taliesin's Suailce, JC - Taliesin's Wylde Rum Runner. owner: Donna & David Smith.

Really scopy baby, just 7 months and so sound for her age. Lovely head and softest of expressions, excellent rose ears, reachy neck into well angulated forehand, good ribbing, long and deep, promising pup who moved really well with reach and drive.


RIVERSONG'S LOTTA LOVE. HP400630/02. 01/14/11. breeder: Cynthia & Dave Patterson & Sue McClure. By CH Caraglen Travis McGee - Riversong Pardon My Heart. owner: Cynthia & Dave Patterson.

Larger heavier cr/br, well grown, pretty head with excellent pigment and eye, not quite as houndy as 1, but balanced both ends, she moved out really well, sound.


SHERWOOD'S MAGIC NUMBER. HP403111/05. 02/09/11. breeder: Sherwood P. Prawel, III. By Echo Hounds Avogadro - CH Sherwood's Aoife Dearg. owner: Sherwood P. Prawell III

Pretty red, darkest of eyes, lovely pigment, balanced outline, moved out well.


YGDRASIL PRAIRIE CREEK ROLL-A-DEX. HP405627/01. 04/03/11. breeder: Carrie McLean & C. & J. Smalley. By CH Carroy Dermot McDuncan - CH Prairie Creek Rince Flea. owner: Carrie McLean.

Another promising pup, not quite as foot perfect at the moment, again lovely eye and pigment, good shape.


9 to 12 Months bitches - 13 entered (1 Absent)


KELLYKERRY KEYNOTE OF AERIE. HP395551/01. 11/09/10. breeder: Glen H. Myer. By CH Pitlochry's Keystone - CH Kellykerry Peggy Sue Of Aerie. owner: Doug Marx and Amy Benjamin & Glenn Myer.

Loved this youngster, well grown pup, feminine head, lovely expression, neat rose ears, reachy neck and excellent front, brisket and ribbing. Would like more bone through the hock, but good width of stifle, and really strong sound movement for one so young. Exciting prospect.


KELLYKERRY KINDLE OF AERIE. HP395551/06. 11/09/10. breeder: Glenn H. Myer. By CH Pitlochry's Keystone - CH Kellykerry Peggy Sue Of Aerie. owner: Glenn H. Myer.

Litter sister, and has many of the same attributes, very promising pup, already has good depth and width throughout, lovely free mover, what a lucky exhibitor to have bred two such lovely youngsters, close up to #1


GALENA OF AERIE. HP394081/02. 10/26/10. breeder: Doug Marx & Amy Benjamin. By CH Pitlochry's Keystone - CH Gordon Of Aerie. owner: Doug Marx and Amy Benjamin.

Half sister, not quite the balance of 1 & 2 at present, attractive feminine head and neat ears, tends to knuckle over a touch in front, but lovely free easy mover.


PRYDAIN LUIGHSEACH YGDRASIL. HP401913/01. 11/01/10. breeder: Kathy Edwards, Donna Smith & Carrie McLean. By CH Tirowen Lord O' The Dance - CH Lovesong Von Der Oelmuhle. owner: Kathy Edwards and Donna Smith.

Attractive r/br lovely dark eye and pigment, flat ears, liked her type and shape, standing a little 10 to 2 today.


12 to 18 Months bitches - 15 entered (3 Absent)


ROCKHART PALOMA. HP375761/02. 05/17/10. breeder: Lynn & Christiana Simon. By Furlongs Bogart - Rockhart Inara, JC. owner: Dr. Lynn Simon.

Very houndy bitch, has more substance under the hands than appears, thanks to her crisp harsh coat. Old fashioned head with sparse furnishings and a little strong in stop, muscular neck and excellent forehand, good ribbing and tuck up, strong quarters, free sound mover, good extension, especially in front.


O'LUGH'S STREETWALKER. HP378568/01. 04/29/10. breeder: M. Martino & A. & M. Dormady. By CH Wolfhaven Aint No Fool To O'Lugh - CH O'Lugh Buckeye Carmina. owner: Andrea & Michael Dormady.

Another feminine houndy gr/br bitch that pushed 1 hard. Attractive head and expression, lovely shape and well balanced all through, just needs to drop in brisket to complete the picture, good prospect. Sound free mover.


EIRIAN'S PARTY GIRL, RN. HP377797/08. 05/27/10. breeder: Robin & Chris Coen, Mary Ellen Shriver, Cynthia Patters. By DC Eirian's Coltrane Running, SC - DC Riversong's Long May You Run, RN, SC. owner: Amy S. Poleselli and Robin Coen & Mary Ellen Shriver.

Pretty cr/br, sweet head but flat ears, good neck, forehand and ribbing, nicely balanced all through, feminine with substance, moved soundly just lacks the power of 1 & 2.


FITZARRAN DUNMADADH PADRAIC BRIE BB. HP387289/02. 07/29/10. breeder: Wm. & Betty Deemer & Patricia Cobb. By CH Brie Shooting From The Hip - Dunmadadh Fitzarran Echo. owner: Mariellen Dentino and Debbie & Beth Chastain.

Cr/wh with lovely long bones, shapely and feminine, excelled in head, pigment and neat ears, excellent shapely hindquarters with plenty of breadth through stifle, Not balanced by her front which was a little narrow. If she springs her ribs could trouble the best.


Novice bitches - 7 entered


OPAL OF AERIE. HP375562/02. 01/19/10. breeder: Doug Marx & Amy Benjamin & Donita Osborne. By CH Pitlochry's Quintus - CH Wolfhaven Caper Of Aerie. owner: Doug Marx and Amy Benjamin.

Well grown cr/br bitch, sweet head and rose ears, good neck into well laid shoulders, balanced angulation both ends, won her place on top and underlines, moved out freely with good extension.


ROCKHART OKELANI, JC. HP375760/03. 04/05/10. breeder: Lynn & Christiana Simon. By Furlongs Bogart - Rockhart Eclipse. owner: Dr. Lynn Simon.

Close up but totally different type. Very houndy and curvy, powerful, but not the tuck up of 1, and a little close behind #3.


GLENAMADDA STARKEEPER CLODAGH. HP381398/01. 03/14/10. breeder: S. Prokopenko & J. Gagne. By CH Glenamadda Starkeeper Armagh - CH Glenamadda Starkeeper U R Zada, JC. owner: Jocelyne Gagne and Susan Prokopenko.

Sweet cr/br, very promising, clean lines and good balance, deep brisket for her age, free easy mover, just looked a little less mature than 1 & 2, promising.


PRAIRIE CREEK YGDRASIL MISS MARVEL. HP377577/13. 05/05/10. breeder: Connie & Jim Smalley & Carrie McLean. By CH Tirowen Lord O The Dance - CH Prairie Creek Damsha. owner: Connie Smalley and Carrie McLean.

PRAIRIE CREEK YGDRASIL MISS MARVEL Another pretty baby with lovely shape and balance, attractive head dark eyes, ears a little flat, good harsh coat, lacks a little maturity, moved out well.


Bred-by-Exhibitor bitches -22 entered (4 Absent)

BBE 1.

KELLYKERRY PEONY OF AERIE. HP238675/06. 10/15/06. breeder: Glenn H. Myer. By CH Pitlochry's Quintus - CH Kellykerry Reanna Of Eagle. owner: Glenn H. Myer.

Really liked this lovely bitch, giving her handler a hard time, but she has superb breed type, and classic proportions. Beautiful head and expression, lovely rose ears, good forehand and strong quarters used to advantage on the move, even though she did her best to throw this class away.


ROCKHART NADAHLIA, JC. HP312799/04. 07/18/08. breeder: Lynn & Christiana Simon. By CH Rockhart Enigma - CH Rockhart Heresy. owner: Dr. Lynn Simon.

Strong bitch of plainer type, very workmanlike, won here on her excellent forehand and wonderful extension. Powerful on the move, outline just spoiled for me by lack of tuck up, touch close behind.


STARKEEPER GLENAMADDA USA FLAG. HP321430/04. 07/04/08. breeder: Owners. By GCH Starkeeper McEnroe Of Limerick - CH Glenamadda Starkeeper U R Zada, JC. owner: Jocelyne Gagne and Susan Prokopenko

Another bitch of lovely type, substantial bone, lovely head and expression, balanced in angulation fore and aft, moved freely on well padded feet, another good prospect.


BALLYHARA DARLEY. HP320922/04. 08/21/08. breeder: Mrs. Lisa Dube Forman & Bob Forman. By CH Rosslare's Sandor - Cudama Santa Of Ballyhara. owner: Mrs. Lisa Dube Forman and Bob Forman.

This bitch completed a quartet of quality bitches, she has excellent type, lovely head and expression, good forehand and length of ribbing, just a tad longer cast through the body, moved out well and soundly.


American Bred bitches - 9 entered (1 Absent)


MYRICA LEANBH NOLLAIG OF EAGLE. HP336019/01. 12/17/08. breeder: Samuel Evans Ewing 3rd & Sam Houston McDonald. By CH Dun Myrica Speaker Of Eagle - CH Liadaine Myrica Of Eagle. owner: Darryl L. Meeks and Lynne W. Meeks.

Substantial bitch with good harsh jacket, attractive head and eye, neat ears, good neck into well filled forehand, good depth of brisket, correct top and underlines, maybe a little upright in scapula, but a free easy mover on excellent feet.


SHANCARRICK'S TEGWYN. HP359373/02. 09/10/09. breeder: Robert & Estelle Flynn. By CH Moloney's Andre - Shancarrick's Fionnuala. owner: Robert & Estelle Flynn.

Pretty pale gr/br, sweet head, touch apprehensive today, liked her overall balance, has lovely flaring pelvis and strong quarters. A touch slack in pasterns, but good overall shape and free easy mover.


HANNIE OF WARWICK. HP360511/01. 10/04/09. breeder: Dane Emerson St.Clair, Glenn Myer, & Audrey E. St.Clair. By CH Pitlochry's Keystone - Kellykerry Isolde Of Aerie. owner: Dane Emerson St.Clair and Audrey E. St.Clair.

Another pretty yet substantial bitch, wonderful dark eye and pigment, rose ears, scored in forehand and brisket, strong quarters, not quite the athletic movement of those above her, maybe affected by the heat?


ROSSLARE'S KISS ME KATE. HP318519/03. 08/18/08. breeder: Glynis Littlewood. By CH Rosslare's Jackamo - CH Rosslare Coleraine Tuirin. owner: Stephanie Whitney

Really liked this bitch, with a little concentration she could have been a contender in this class. Determined to hide her light under a bushel, she gave her handler a hard time. Substantial and curvy, would love to see what she could do when she behaves!


Open bitches - 22 entered (1 Absent, 1 move-up to BOB)



SKIBBERDEENS VIXEN. 2685686 Netherlands. 12/26/07. breeder: C. Mermsen. By Neth.Ch. Pitlochry's Catwaezle - Pitlochry's Venus. owner: Andrea Dormady and Conny Fernhout & Amy Benjamin.

This bitch took my eye when she came into the ring. She has wonderful ring presence and fulfils the Standard requirement "commanding appearance" in no uncertain terms. Loved her head and kind expression, correct scissor bite and big strong teeth, excellent neck and forehand, well filled front and deep brisket, lovely top and underlines, has bone and substance without a trace of coarseness, strong hindquarters with hocks well let down and best of feet. Curvy and substantial all through, a quality bitch that I would have been happy to take home. Powerful and free on the move, I feel she could do the job she was bred to do. I didn't realise I had judged this bitch before, but she was my BP at the Dutch Specialty three years ago, and just out of interest, her brother was my BD at the German Sighthound show earlier this year! I understand she has only been in the US for a couple of weeks, all credit to her handler for getting the best out of her.


WOLFHAVEN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER. HP317597/02. 03/29/08* breeder: Donita Osborne. By CH Wolfhaven's Gotta Bossanova - Wolfkin Wolfhaven Gaia Curiann. owner: Marian Levin and Donita Osborne.

Another lovely type of bitch, sweet head though eye could be darker, good reach of neck, well angulated shoulder and upper arm, good length of ribbing, balanced angles both ends, free easy mover, but couldn't match 1 for power.


STONEYBROOK LISMORE GYPSY ROSE. HP349624/02. 04/27/09. breeder: Steve LeVan and Judith Simon. By Stoneybrook Warrior - Lismore Stoneybrook Mae. owner: Judith Simon and Steve and Karen LeVan.

Typy bitch with attractive outline, good head and kind eye, neat ears, good length of neck, nicely balanced angulation and outline, tad short in upper arm, free easy mover.


JULY OF AERIE. HP325930/01. 11/03/08. breeder: Doug Marx & Amy Benjamin. By CH Pitlochry's Quintus - CH Pitlochry's Jasmin. owner: Doug Marx and Amy Benjamin.

Another attractive substantial bitch, appealing head and gentle expression, good proportions of height to leg length, long deep ribbing, again a little short in upper arm, but moved freely and soundly


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