IWADV 2011 Specialty Show Results

Irish Wolfhound Association of the Delaware Valley
October 9 & 10, 2011
Morgantown, PA
Judge - Jan Pain



Veteran dogs - 9 entered

BOS 1.

CH TIROWEN LORD O THE DANCE. HP252611/01.05/22/05.breeder: Frances & Anne McEvoy.By Tirowen Sirius - Tirowen Honoria.owner: Carrie McLean and Susan Weeks & Frances McEvoy & Anne McEvoy.

Masculine gr/br 6 years 5 months and in excellent muscular condition, loved his overall balance, super shape and ground covering effortless movement. Attractive head and eye, neat ears, reachy neck , good length and depth of ribbing, a lovely overall impression of generous flowing curves.


CH CUDAMA SANDYCOVE OF BALLYHARA. HP141139/01.11/06/04.breeder: Davor Marijanovic.By Vianho Hemingway - Ainsea Maraela.owner: Mrs. Lisa Dube Forman and Bob Forman.

Another lovely masculine hound of almost 7 years and in excellent overall condition, typical curvy hound with attractive head and expression, good top and under lines, strong quarters used to advantage. Would like a couple of inches on his legs to balance his length.


CH TALIESIN'S SUAILCE, JC. HP148346/01.01/07/05.breeder: Donna Smith & David Smith.By Wolf Tone Merlyn - CH Taliesin's Luas.owner: Donna & David Smith

Attractive hound of 6 years and 9 months, with beautiful head and expression, neat rose ears, he has good depth and balance, shade lighter in build than the above, lovely free easy mover.


CH TAILSTORM KARONTARA TIMOTHY. HP121276/08.10/09/04.breeder: Frances Abrams & Karon Volk.By CH Hound Hill Sebastian - Karontara Bevin O'Tailstorm.owner: Frances Abrams and Karon Volk & Donna Brown.

Well balanced hound of 7 years, still in good shape, lovely head and ears, excellent overall condition, loved his outline and balance, good ribbing and tuck up, moved freely and soundly for his age.


Veteran bitches - 14 entered (4 absent)


BISS CH WILDISLE SPICEMATE CHARMER CGI. HP179965/04.08/10/05.breeder: Jill Bregy and Barbara Whitney.By CH Brie All Eyes On Me - CH Wildisle Emeraldisle Spicemate.owner: Jill Bregy.

Loved this 6 year old, could show the youngsters a thing or two! Although not a huge hound, she is feminine and curvy, has a beautiful headpiece with lovely rose ears, good neck and excellent shoulder and return of upper arm, Good ribbing and tuck up, harsh coat and best of feet. Strong quarters used to advantage, free and powerful on the move.


HANTO YO'S CREE OF TOMAHAWKE. HP102713/02.04/19/04.breeder: Robin & Mike Pline.By CH Tomahawke's Apach Honwe - Tomahawke's Hanto Yo.owner: Robin & Mike Pline.

7 years 6 months gr/br another attractive exhibit in great condition, has good balanced proportions, sweet head and expression, not quite the neck of 1, but good ribbing and outline, still moving freely and soundly.


ROSSLARE'S JANE OF BALLYHARA. HP159678/02.04/02/05.breeder: Glynis Littlewood.By CH Rosslares Pure Justice - Rosslare's Maeve.owner: Lisa Dube Forman and Bob Forman.

6 years 6 months, another gr/br in excellent nick, sweetest expression and the darkest of eyes, attractive curvy bitch with strong quarters, free and easy movement, toes in a little in front.


CH GUFFAW OF AERIE. HP174362/03.07/28/05.breeder: Doug Marx & Amy Benjamin.By Viceconsul Of Eagle - CH Giggles Aerie Of Eagle.owner: Doug Marx and Amy Benjamin.

Another lovely bitch of generous proportions, 6 years 3 months, all flowing curves, attractive head, just a shade light in eye, long deep ribbing, good underline, sound and free moving but not quite the enthusiasm of the above.