IWADV 2012 Specialty Show Results

Irish Wolfhound Association of the Delaware Valley
October 7 & 8, 2012
Mohnton, PA
Judge - Dr. Frederic Maison DVM

total 189

Regular Classes - Dogs

Winner's Dog & BOS:
ST. LEGER GRAFTON. - B. Berne Smith.

Reserve Winner's Dog:
TALIESIN'S DEA-MHIOTAIL. owner: Donna & David Smith and Joann Giordano.


Winners Dog
Winner's Dog
ST. LEGER GRAFTON from Bred-by class



Reserve Winners Dog
Reserve Winners Dog
TALIESIN'S DEA-MHIOTAIL from Bred-by class


6 to 9 Puppy Months dogs -5 entered ()


PINEHURST STUART. HP429655/01. 02/27/12. breeder: Karen Catov-Goodell. By GCH Carnasserie Lodestone Of Taryn - CH Pinhurst Hazel. owner: Karen Catov-Goodell.

Very nice and well balanced dog . Excellent type and proportion , very masculine. Excellent angulations in front and rear . Good coat; good movement. Excellent long and masculine head but the underjaw is too narrow! Bad canine tooth position but can still improve at that age


QUINLAN'S BRUNSWICK STEW. HP423833/02. 01/19/12. breeder: Diana Vreeken & Doug Henry. By CH Temair Let Freedom Ring Of Eagle - CH Ard Rhi's All About Me V Quinlan, SC. owner: Monica Gallier.

Nice dog of a correct type with a very good head. Excellent condition. Would like more bones for a male. Good muscle. Angulation correct and very good movement.


BRIMSTONE SHINING STAR DE BURGH. HP424849/02. 01/21/12. breeder: Laurie Morris & Debbie Sharpe. By Brimstone Jakob - Brimstone Sojourn From Connemara. owner: Ann F. Burke and Laurie Morris.

Good size and substance. A little bit narrow in the front and the front legs turn outward. Good type and proportion. Too straight in shoulder.


SHANACHIE'S EPIC OF KAYBROOK. HP426516/03. 03/23/12. breeder: Laura Palattella & Donna Monahan. By Shanachie's Jack Of Hearts - Shanachie's Chantilly Lace. owner: Kate Caulk and Donna Monahan.

Good size and substance, correct proportion. Nice masculine and long head. Good neck. Correct angulations but the rear is too weak , cannot move properly.


9 to 12 Months dogs - 9 entered (1 Absent)


PINEHURST BENNET. HP421697/01. 11/04/11. breeder: Karen Catov-Goodell. By GCH Doomoore's Colehan - CH Pinehurst Zane. owner: Karen Catov-Goodell.

Beautiful young male , a lot of harmony. Beautiful long head , nice expression. Good substance. Excellent condtion and movement. Excellent angulation in rear but too straight in pastern. Good coat.


PITLOCHRY'S NATHAN. H431896/01. 12/03/11. breeder: Dr. Nicholas & G. Fernhout. By Kamp Skibberdeen's Rudolph - Irish Diamond Adolph. owner: John & Karyl Morrison.

Correct type and proportion. Would like more angulations in front. Front legs turn outward. Exc rear quarter with very good angulations. Nice length of head but too much stop and muzzle too narrow .


CASTLEKEEPER STONYBROOK I AM HIS OWN. HP420202/09. 10/29/11. breeder: Alice Kneavel-Craley & Judy Simon. By CH Wildisle Castlekeeper's Quest - Stoneybrook Lismore Castlekeeper Condi. owner: Alice Kneavel and Judy Simon.

Good size , masculine. Lack of harmony at the moment . Would like more angulation behind. Nice length of body. Front feet little bit outward.


CASTLEMAINE'S END GAME. HP421277/07. 11/14/11. breeder: Owners. By CH Castlemain'e Bram Of Sidhe - CH Castlemaine Jemimah. owner: Marilyn Shaw and R. Greg Shaw.

Nice and masculine but a little bit too short in body and too short in legs. Bursitis elbowed this day . he has a good movement but would need a better handling to show his quality in movement.


12 to 15 Months dogs - 2 entered - (1 Absent)


EIRIAN'S ALL JAZZED UP, RN CGC. HP412798/07. 08/02/11. breeder: M. E. Shriver. By DC Eirian's Cool Jazz Running, RN, SC, CGC - Eirian's All That Jazz, SC, CGC. owner: R. & C. Coen and M. E. Shriver

Nice dog with correct type and proportion, lot of harmony. Good substance. Correct head but underjaw too narrow with incorrect canine tooth position


15 to 18 Months dogs -3 entered (1 Absent)


ROCKHART SUSPICION. HP424246/01. 04/24/11. breeder: Owner. By Furlongs Barbaro - CH Rockhart Heresy. owner: Lynn M. Simon.

Nice dog , very well balanced. nice shape of body. Would like more length of loin. Excellent bones, movement. Beautiful head, masculine, excellent neck. Excellent angulations in front and rear, especially in pasterns.


AOTEAROA KOKAKO. HP412899/01. 04/11/11. breeder: Barbara N. Daley. By Can.CH Aotearoa Suro Whakaheke - Can.CH Aotearoa Whakamaru. owner: Barbara N. Daley.

Good construction, exc proportion. A little bit too heavy in skull. Would like more bones for a male.


Novice dogs - 8 entered


TALIESIN'S REALTBHUION. HP399745/02. 03/07/11. breeder: Donna & David Smith. By CH Taliesin's Suailce, JC - Taliesin's Wylde Rum Runner. owner: Donna & David Smith.

Beautiful dog with lot of harmony. Could have longer legs. Too straight in pasterns. Good rear angulations . Exc movement. Exc masculine head. Shown in perfect condition.


R NOBLE GHASPER OF EAGLE. HP402233/01. 02/14/11. breeder: Joseph Roland & Kathy Roland & Sam Houston McDonald. By GCH Dun Myrica Lyre Of Eagle - R Noble Ghillian Of Eagle. owner: Sam Houston McDonald.

Very nice dog in exc condition with good movement. Correct top line and under line . Would need more length of legs.


STARKEEPER GLENAMADDA FYRENZE OF GRIFFINDOR. HP368497/02. 02/01/10. breeder: P. Murkland & J. Gagne. By CH Taryn Tate Of Limerick, SC - GCH Glenamadda Starkeeper Verity. owner: Jocelyne Gagne.

Impressive tall dog with commanding appearance. Very good handling. Top line could be better. Exc masculine head, exc bones. A little bit straight behind.


KNOCKNAREA ZACOB. HP404536/01. 05/01/10. breeder: Ika & Ulli Peiler. By Coredig Galileo - Knocknarea Neilliagh. owner: Jeanne Patterson.

Good size but little bit short in loins. Front feet turn outward. Nice long head, would like more bones.


Bred-by-Exhibitor dogs - 7 entered ()


ST. LEGER GRAFTON. HP370066/07. 02/22/10. breeder: B. Berne Smith. By Castlemaine Boomerang St. Leger - St. Leger Annika. owner: B. Berne Smith.

High quality dog with perfect houndy type. Impressive condition with a lot of muscles. Exc bones. Perfect masculine head with lovely expression. Exc top line and under line. Exc length of legs. Could have more length of loins and a little bit more angulations. Exc pasterns and feet. Exc movement, easy and active with long step and perfect drive. Exc coat. Could be still improved by a better handling but overall, full of qualities.

RWD 2.

TALIESIN'S DEA-MHIOTAIL. HP396489/02. 01/26/11. breeder: Donna & David Smith. By GCH Can.CH Taliesin's Willow's Glympse - Taliesin's Lasairiona. owner: Donna & David Smith and Joann Giordano.

Nice dog with exc proportions. Good length of legs and loins. Very good top line and under line, nice head and movement.


ROCKHART PENANCE. HP375761/01. 05/17/10. breeder: Lynn Simon. By Furlongs Bogart - FCh Rockhart Inara, JC. owner: Lynn M. Simon, MD.

Nice masculine dog with exc condition. Lack of teeth. Very good movement. Exc ang in front and rear.


QUINT OF AERIE. HP375562/01. 01/19/10. breeder: Owners & Donita Osborne. By CH Pitlochry's Quintus - CH Wolfhaven Caper Of Aerie. owner: Doug Marx and Amy Benjamin.

Nice long head . would need longer legs . Underjaw too narrow, very good long and muscular neck . Exc movement. Exc ang in front and rear, especially in pasterns.


American Bred dogs - 7 entered (1 Absent)


DUN MYRICA NO FOOLIN' I'M EAGLE. HP407384/01. 04/01/11. breeder: Sam Houston McDonald. By CH Dun Myrica Speaker Of Eagle - CH Garlow Neesha Of Eagle. owner: Sam Houston McDonald.

Nice shape of body , lot of harmony. Would like longer legs. Exc masculine head. Good angulations in front and rear except in pasterns, good movement. Good condition


GATHER OF AERIE. HP394081/03. 10/26/10. breeder: Doug Marx & Amy Benjamin. By CH Pitlochry's Keystone - CH Gordon Of Aerie. owner: Shari Irick.

Exc dog of good size who could be more angulated behind. Correct proportions. Good bones and muscle.


O'LUGH GIBBS OF AERIE. HP394081/04. 10/26/10. breeder: Doug Marx & Amy Benjamin. By CH Pitlochry's Keystone - CH Gordon Of Aerie. owner: A. & M. Dormady and D. Marx & A. Benjamin.

Dog of very good size with good proportions, with very good angulation except in pasterns, exc neck , correct movement.


O'MURCHADHA'S BOROMIR. HP392837/05. 11/17/10. breeder: Pamela Murphy. By CH Taliesin's Willow's Glympse - O'Murchadha Redtop Anamcara, RN. owner: Judith Chantelois and Brynley Dolman & Pamela Murphy.

A little bit small, good angulation behind but too straight in front, the head is too short and the skull too broad , correct movement.


Open dogs - 8 entered


SHANACHIE-N-WOLFHAVEN'S TNT. HP358527/02. 10/02/09. breeder: Donna Monahan & Donita Osborne & Debra Traskos. By CH Wolfhaven Aint No Fool To O'Lugh - CH ThunderWolf Tessa Of Shanachie. owner: Donna Monahan

Good construction, size and proportion. masculine dog with good substance , exc ang in front and rear except in pasterns. Nice head. Good chest. Very good mover.


TALIESIN'S WHEATON WHYNCHER. HP269602/07. 07/30/07. breeder: Donna and David Smith. By CH Pitlochry's Quintus - Wolf Tone Bonne Louise. owner: Billy & Linda Vaughn and Donna & David Smith.

Good angulated dog which need more length of legs. Good movement with long step. Correct substance.