IWADV 2012 Specialty Show Results

Irish Wolfhound Association of the Delaware Valley
October 7 & 8, 2012
Mohnton, PA
Judge - Dr. Frederic Maison DVM

Veteran & Field Dog Classes


Veteran Dog

Veteran dogs - 8 entered


CH TALIESIN'S SUAILCE, JC. HP148346/01.01/27/05.breeder: Donna & David Smith.By Wolf Tone Merlyn - CH Taliesin's Luas.owner: Donna & David Smith

Exc type and condition. Very good proportions. Exc muscle. Very nice head, exc bones and chest. Exc ang in front and rear. Exc movement.


CH TAILSTORM KARONTARA TIMOTHY. HP121276/08.10/09/04.breeder: Frances Abrams & Karon Volk.By CH Hound Hill Sebastian - Karontara Bevin O'Tailstorm.owner: Frances Abrams and Karon Volk & Donna Brown.

Good size and proportion. A little bit heavy in head. Excellent ang, excellent pasterns. excellent mover


CH TOMAHAWKE'S CEDAR OF SHANACHIE. HP220518/06.01/07/06.breeder: Robin Pline.By Wolfkin's Chai Pi - CH Tomahawke's Tree Of Peace.owner: Donna Monahan and Robin Pline.

Nice dog of correct proportions. Nice head but heavy ears. Too round eyes. Short in loins. Correct ang in front but would need more ang behind. Good movement.


BISS CAN.UKC.CH GCH STARKEEPER MCENROE OF LIMERICK. HP217291/12.06/22/06.breeder: Linda Souza & Jamie Souza Bartlett.By CH Taryn Tate Of Limerick, SC - CH Halle Of Limerick.owner: Jocelyne Gagne.

Big size, good proportions but too heavy in front. Excellent chest. Nice muscular long neck. Excellent ang. Lack of energy

    Veteran Bitch

Veteran bitches - 9 entered ()


GCH CASTLEMAIN CILL CHUILLINN MORGAN. HP227975/03.08/14/06.breeder: Marilyn R. & R. Greg Shaw.By CH Malachi Of Castlemaine - CH Castlemain's Easy Maggie.owner: Casey Kilcullen-Steiner and Marilyn Shaw & Greg Shaw.

Good type, good size, excellent condition. Excellent ang . Too heavy in chest. Nice head. Excellent neck and movement.


GARLOW'S NIAMH OF EAGLE. HP233162/04.07/10/06.breeder: Karyl Morrison & Samuel Evans Ewing, 3rd.By Salutary Rachamin Of Eagle - Armaitu Nala Of Eagle.owner: Karyl Morrison.

Good proportion. Excellent condition. Would need more substance and muscle. The loins are too arched. Good ang, bones and movement.


GCH DC CARRICKANEENA CRIONMACHT DARCY, SC. HP222230/01. 02/22/06.breeder: Dr. Caren Carney & Eileen M. & Eileen B. Flanagan.By CH Carrickaneena's Dichu, SC - Carrickaneena Uisce Beatha.owner: Eileen M. & Eileen B. Flanagan.

Excellent movement with a long step , lot of energy . ears too flat. Would like longer legs. Excellent ang behind.


TALIESIN'S LASA BELLA. HP177590/09.08/20/05.breeder: Donna & David Smith.By Brimstone Solomon - Taliesin's Leanaim an Taibreamh.owner: Billy & Linda Vaughn.

Small but good proportion . good condition, and angulations. Need more substance . would need more bones and neck. Nice chest.. nice length of body.


Field Dogs - 1 entered


DC EIRIAN'S YOUNGEST SON, SC, RN, GRC, CGC, VC. HP377797/09. 05/27/10.breeder: R. & C. Coen & M. E. Shriver.By DC Eirian's Coltrane Running, FCh, SC, GRC, JOR, CGC, V - DC Riversong's Long May You Run, FCh, MC, GRC, CGC, VC.owner: R. & C. Coen and M. E. Shriver.

Good proportions, excellent head. Good bones and condition. Bad tail carriage.


Field bitches - 2 entered


CH EIRIAN'S PARTY GIRL, RN, SC. HP377797/08.05/27/10.breeder: R. & C. Coen & M. E. Shriver.By DC Eirian's Coltrane Running, FCh, SC, GRC, JOR, CGC, V - DC Riversong's Long May You Run, FCh, MCX, GRC, CGC, RN.owner: A. Poleselli and R. & C. Coen & M. E. Shriver

Good construction but too short on legs. Too straight in pasterns and behind. Excellent topline and underline. Nice head and movement. Excellent condition


SBIF DC EIRIAN'S QUINTESSENCE, RN, SC, VC, GRC, CGC. HP377797/01.05/27/10.breeder: R. & C. Coen & M.E. Shriver.By DC Eirian's Coltrane Running, SC, GRC, JOR, CGC, VC - DC Riversong's Long May You Run, MC, RN GRC, CGC, VC.owner: R. & C. Coen and M. E. Shriver.

Good size and type. Excellent ang . nice neck and head , too round eyes. Too narrow underjaw with wrong position of the canine tooth which explains her second place