IWADV 2013 Specialty Show Results

Irish Wolfhound Association of the Delaware Valley
October 6 & 7, 2013
Mohnton, PA
Judge - William Potter II

This ring full of wonderfully made, well conditioned, Wolfhounds, was a site to behold. It was very tough making a cut, let alone making the final placement. In the end, I made the following placements.



Best of Breed - 27 entered, 15 dogs & 12 bitches


Best of Breed

Best of Breed


Best of Opposite Sex




135 -  GCH CARRICKANEENA TYRCONNELL. HP375549/01. 01/25/10. breeder: Eileen M. & Eileen B. Flanagan. By GCH Carrickaneena An Firic Aris - GCH DC Carrickaneena Crionnacht Darcy, SC. owner: Eileen M. & Eileen B. Flanagan.

This big, strong dog, is in excellent condition. He has good angulation – front and rear. He has the proper amount of leg to his depth of body, good breadth, and a shapely in outline. He moved well - with reach and drive. He was clean coming and going.


176 - AM.CAN.CH. GLENAMADDA STARKEEPER CHEVONNE. HP381398/02. 03/14/10. breeder: Jocelyne Gagne & S. Prokopenko. By AM.CAN.CH Glenamadda Starkeeper Armagh - AM.CAN.CH Glenamadda Starkeeper U R Zada, JC. owner: Jocelyne Gagne.

She is a beautiful bitch who flows around the ring. She has reach and drive, as well as, being true coming and going. She is powerful, yet feminine. She has proper angulation, and is hard muscled.

Sel D  

119 -GCH RIVERLAWN EXIT OF AERIE. HP375719/01. 03/09/10. breeder: Doug Marx & Amy Benjamin. By CH Pitlochry's Keystone - CH Pitlochry's Entry. owner: Doug Marx and Amy Benjamin.

This dog, which is the sire of my Best of Winners, is a strong, upstanding dog that is beautifully shaped.

Sel B  

184 - CH DUN MYRICA LYRA OF EAGLE. HP352169/02. 06/28/09. breeder: S.E. Ewing 3rd & S.H. McDonald & Dawn W. Adams. By CH Dun Myrica Speaker Of Eagle - CH Limerick Lea Of Eagle. owner: Sam Houston McDonald and Joe & Kathy Roland.

This bitch is of real quality. She has almost all the virtues of my BOS, but was not as clean moving, coming and going, as the BOS bitch.


133 -  CH FURLONGS BARBARO. HP365734/01. 03/05/09. breeder: Annika Gustavsson. By Furlongs Humphrey - Penneybright Kelsey. owner: Lynn M. Simon.

He is a strongly built dog who is well angulated.

& Vet

170 -  CH WILDISLE SPICEMATE CHARMER, CGC. HP179965/04. 08/10/05. breeder: Jill R. Bregy & Barbara Whitney. By CH Brie All Eyes On Me - CH Wildisle Emeraldisle Spicemate. owner: Jill R. Bregy.

This winner of the Veterans Bitch class possesses many virtues, foremost of which is her ability to move effortlessly.


19 -HOUND HILL VANDERBILT OF AERIE. HP449866/02. 02/27/13. breeder: Doug Marx & Amy Benjamin & Donna Brown. By CH Hound Hill Sebastian - CH Hound Hill Valley Of Aerie. owner: Doug Marx and Amy Benjamin & Donna Brown.

This 6 to 9 month dog has substance, bone, and angulation that should serve him well as he matures.



104 - HOUND HILL VALE OF AERIE. HP417126/02. 10/07/11. breeder: Doug Marx & Amy Benjamin & Donna Brown. By GCH Riverlawn Exit Of Aerie - CH Hound Hill Valley Of Aerie. owner: Doug Marx and Amy Benjamin & Donna Brown.

She won this placement on the move. Her reach and drive is a thing of beauty.