IWADV 2013 Specialty Show Results

Irish Wolfhound Association of the Delaware Valley
October 6 & 7, 2013
Mohnton, PA
Judge - William Potter II

total 189

Regular Classes - Dogs

Winner's Dog:

Taliesin’s Realtbhvion was the clear winner. He has good size, lovely angulation, and a strong, well arched neck that blends cleanly into his shoulders. He has a beautifully proportioned head. He has strong legs and proper feet. He moved freely and cleanly - coming and going.

Reserve Winner's Dog:

Windseeker Broker was also the clear winner of Reserve. He almost beat the WD in the Open class, and had no trouble besting the other dog class winners.





Winner's Dog:





Reserve Winner's Dog:


6 to 9 Puppy Months dogs -9 entered ()


19 - HOUND HILL VANDERBILT OF AERIE. HP449866/02. 02/27/13. breeder: Doug Marx & Amy Benjamin & Donna Brown. By CH Hound Hill Sebastian - CH Hound Hill Valley Of Aerie. owner: Doug Marx and Amy Benjamin & Donna Brown.

This red wheaten male has substantial bone. He is shapely, nicely angulated – front and rear. He held his shape on the move with strong drive in the rear. He has a beautiful head and eye. If I could change anything about him, it would be to ask for a bit more strength in pasterns.


9 - GEMINI'S YOU'VE GOT A FRIEND IN ME. HP450919/01. 03/14/13. breeder: Marian Levin & Donita Osborne. By CH Connemara's Pagan Justice - Wolfhaven Affair To Remember. owner: Marian Levin and Donita Osborne.

This, strong, dark male also has good bone and size. He was not quite as shapely as the first dog, but moved well.


17 - CUGEIN CEPHEUS OF SHANACHIE. HP458560/01. 02/19/13. breeder: Katherine & Dwayne Yorke. By Cugein Tyrian O'Tairisem - Shellane's Eibhlin At Cugein. owner: Donna Monahan and Katherine & Dwayne Yorke.

This shapely male did little to help his cause. He tried to test his handler at every turn – both standing and moving. I did see enough of him to reward his virtues.


7 - EIRIAN'S QUERAN. HP447351/03. 02/09/13. breeder: Mary Ellen Shriver & R. & C. Coen. By Fitzarran Dunmadadh Padraic Brie Quinn - DC Eirian's Quintessence, RN, SC, LCX. owner: Mary Ellen Shriver and R. & C. Coen.

This strong male was not as angulated as those placed above him, but was shapely.


9 to 12 Months dogs - 5 entered ()


29 - GLADSTONE'S THUNDER ROAD. HP446011/07. 12/12/12. breeder: Betty Johnson & Roger Johnson & Christine Johnson. By CH Riverlawn Exit Of Aerie - DC Gladstone's Maeve, SC. owner: Scott & Lindsay Maruska and Roger Johnson.

This dog was better angulated than the others and moved well


25 - AOTEAROA MATAATI TAMA O TOTE. HP450671/01. 11/15/12. breeder: Barbara N. Daley. By CH Aotearoa Lee Ridge Tote - Can.CH Aotearoa Whakamaru. owner: Barbara N. Daley.

This taller dog was sound. He was not as shapely, or as good on the move, as the first dog.


27 -NIOBRARA AND ALL THAT JAZZ AT CASTLEMAINE. HP446864/04. 12/23/12. breeder: Deborah Sanders and Susan Stobart. By MacCaura Chaco At Niobrara - Caraglen Berwyck Milagro At Niobrara. owner: Marilyn Shaw and Deborah Sanders.

This was a strong, shapely dog that I would have liked to made 1st. He was penalized due to his unsure temperament on the day.


31 - SHANCARRICK'S DECLAN THE DAUNTLESS HOOLIGAN. HP448269/01. 12/18/12. breeder: Robert & Estelle Flynn. By O'Lugh Gibbs Of Aerie - GCH Shancarrick's Assumpta, CGC, TD. owner: Robert & Estelle Flynn.

He possessed less angualtion than the others, which resulted in this placement.


12 to 15 Months dogs - 3 entered - (1 abs)


155 - DUN MYRICA NOLAN RILEY OF EAGLE. HP44036501. 08/11/12. breeder:Sam Houson McDonald & Joe Roland. By Ch Carnasserie Coal - Ch Armaitiu Nona of Eagle. owner: Michael McCabe.

He is a strong, big boned dog.


147 -  SCHAEFFER'S BRAVE AENGUS. HP438486/09. 10/04/12. breeder: Christopher & Julie Schaeffer. By Schaeffer's Powerful Dagda - Schaeffer's Sweet Morrigan. owner: Christopher & Julie Schaeffer.

This dog did not have the strength of the first placed dog

    15 to 18 Months dogs - 3 entered (2 abs)

153 - HEARTHOUND'S ONE FOR THE ROAD. HP430097/04. 05/15/12. breeder: Mary O'Malley & Debbie Sharpe. By CH Connemara's Pagan Justice - Connemara's Wise One At Hearthound. owner: Mary O'Malley.

This strong dog was in good condition. He was shapely standing, but pounded the ground with his front on the move.


Novice dogs - 8 entered (1 abs)


45 - GLENAMADDA WOLFHOLM J HENDRIX. HP432277/02. 11/08/11. breeder: Karen Brumpton & Ewa Boldok & Susam M.L. Prokopenko. By CH Glenamadda Starkeeper Banner, RN - Glenamadda Rainvale U R Kismet. owner: Ewa Boldok and Susan Prokopenko & Karen Brumpton.

This dog was placed first in this deep class based upon his good angulation which he used to his advantage on the move. He had good bone, and was well muscled.


47 - ROCKHART TREASON. HP424250/01. 02/19/12. breeder: Owner. By Rockhart Penance - Rockhart Katja. owner: Lynn M. Simon.

This dog had good bone and muscle. He had a long, strong neck that blended well into his shoulders. He made a good picture, but appeared to have too much angulation in the rear. He had trouble driving with his rear in unison with his front.


 35 - CRIONNACHT CARRICKANEENA SYNGE AT ARMAGH. HP427640/08. 12/07/11. breeder: Dr. Caren M. Carney. By CH Carrickaneena Paddy At Curiann - Crionnacht Carrickaneena Daly, SC. owner: Ben Carter and Patricia Sommerstad and Dr. Caren M. Carney.

He did not have the size or strength of the first two dogs, but was well shaped and good on the move.


33 - KNOCKNAREA ZACOB. HP404536/01. 05/01/10. breeder: Ika Peiler & Ulli Peiler. By Caredig Galileo - Knocknarea Neilliagh. owner: Jeanne Patterson.

This tall dog had strength, but did not have the angulation and curves of the first three dogs.


Bred-by-Exhibitor dogs - 6 entered (1 abs)


 57 - ROCKHART SUSPICION. HP424246/01. 04/24/11. breeder: Owner. By CH Furlongs Barbaro - CH Rockhart Heresy. owner: Lynn M. Simon.

This dog was well muscled, strong in build, and moved with authority. He had curves and was shaped like a proper wolfhound.


55 - TALIESIN'S DEA-MHIOTAIL. HP396489/02. 01/26/11. breeder: Donna & David Smitb. By AM.GCH.CAN.CH. Taliesin Willow's Glympse - Taliesin's Lasairiona. owner: Donna & David Smith and Joann Giordano.

This large wheaten dog did not have the curves of the first. He was well muscled, strong, and moved well. He had length, but too much of it was in the loin rather than the back.


51 - R NOBLE GHASPER OF EAGLE. HP402233/01. 02/14/11. breeder: Joseph & Kathy Roland & Sam Houston McDonald. By CH Dun Myrica Lyre Of Eagle - R Noble Ghillian Of Eagle. owner: Sam Houston McDonald and Joe & Kathy Roland.

Again, this was a strong dog of adequate size. He moved well, but did not have the bone and muscle development of the first two.


59 - REDTOPS AS TIME GOES BY. HP398305/01. 11/27/10. breeder: Owner. By CH Caraglen Travis McGee - CH Brenniams Redtop Virginia Rose. owner: Rosemary E. Wortman.

This red wheaten dog was of similar size as the others in the class. He was not quite as shapely, or strong in movement.


American Bred dogs - 7 entered (3 abs)


73 - QUINLAN'S BRUNSWICK STEW. HP423833/02. 01/19/12. breeder: Diana Vreeken & Douglas Henry. By CH Temair Let Freedom Ring Of Eagle - CH Ard Rhi's All About Me V Quinlan, SC. owner: Monica Gallier.

The winner of this class was a the dog with the better angulation He was also cleaner moving.


67 - R NOBLE WYO'S GREYSTONE OF EAGLE. HP407385/07. 04/24/11. breeder: Sam Houston McDonald. By CH R Noble McEwan Of Eagle - CH Gabor Of Eagle. owner: Steven R. Witman.

The second placed dog was as strongly built as the first, but not quite as clean on the down and back.


71 - MACCAURA ART. HP404069/04. 03/17/11. breeder: Deirdre McCarthy and Cynthia & Dave Patterson. By CH Dun Myrica Speaker Of Eagle - CH MacCaura Spirit Of Porka. owner: Deirdre McCarthy and Dorothy F. Arn.

Standing, I like this dog very much. He was strong, greyhound like, male with proper balance. He received this placement because of his movement on the day, which was neither clean nor driving.


63 - SCHAEFFER'S FINNEBARRUH IRISH KING V LEGEND. HP417858/09. 11/15/11. breeder: Mr. Christopher Howard Schaeffer & Mrs. Julie Schaffer. By Schaeffer's Powerful Dagda - Schaeffer's Sweet Morrigan. owner: Julie L. Engstrom.

This dog was a little straighter in front and shorter in neck than those placed above him.


Open dogs - 11 entered (2 abs)

As a general overall comment regarding this class, I believe that the 3rd , 4th, & a couple of the unplaced dogs could have won any of the other dog classes - had they been entered in them.


93 - TALIESIN'S REALTBHVION. HP399745/02. 03/07/11. breeder: Donna & David Smith. By CH Taliesin's Suailce, JC - Taliesin's Wylde Rum Runner. owner: Donna & David Smith.

This dog was the winner of a very strong class based upon his size, strength, beautiful head and neck, and shoulders. He moved well, having both reach and drive.


81 - WINDSEEKER BROKER. HP412801/01. 05/10/10. breeder: Ann Brockett. By Foinaven Stoneybrook Sonoma - Lonnkyle Paige. owner: Lloyd J. Simmons and Anne Webb & Ann Brockett.

This dog had as much quality and strength as the first placed dog. It was a hard choice between the two, but it came down to the greater overall size, and better proportioned head, of the first place dog.


 83 - SHANACHIE-N-WOLFHAVEN'S TNT. HP358527/02. 10/02/09. breeder: Donna Monahan & Donita Osborne & Debra Traskos. By CH Wolfhaven Aint No Fool To Olugh - CH ThunderWolf Tessa Of Shanachie. owner: Donna Monahan.

This strong, well angulated dog, was very shapely, but he was not quite as clean a mover as the first two placed dogs in this class.


 95 ROCKHART PENANCE. HP375761/01. 05/17/10. breeder: C. C. Hartenstein & Lynn M. Simon. By Furlongs Bogart - Rockhart Inara, JC. owner: Lynn M. Simon.

This dog was in wonderful condition, strong on the move, but not quite as strong in the neck, shoulder, as those placed above him.