IWADV Information

Club Officers 2021

President - Margie Milne - mtm@wideviewfarm.com
Vice-President -Doug Marx - aeriedogs@aol.com
Secretary - Donna Wright –  donnafromlowermilford@gmail.com
Treasurer - Maggie Weidinger - mweidin@comcast.net / Treasurer@iwadv.org

Board of Directors

Class of 2021 - Jim Lowden - jimlowden@gmail.com
Class of 2021 - Greg Kane - iwdog@msn.com
Class of 2022 - Mike Muffley -  mikemuffley@aim.com
Class of 2022 - Kathy Roland - NobleIW@aol.com
Class of 2023 - Shari Irick - SLAM308@comcast.net
Class of 2023 - Betsy Daly - bdalyjames@yahoo.com

Committees For 2020 - pending January board meeting. 2012 TBD

Archives – Mike Muffley - mikemuffley@aim.com
AKC Legislation & Education - Donna Smith taliesinIWs@yahoo.com
Specialty Show Boutique - Mary Reese iwdeora@comcast.net and Noreen Chase Cchase1@verizon.net
Gentle Giant Newsletter - Diane Camel obeltane@verizon.net
Sunshine - Noreen Chase Cchase1@verizon.net
Rescue - Jean Minnier hminnier@bellatlantic.net, 609-268-9373
Specialty Chair - Doug Marx, aeriedogs@aol.com

LGRA - David Smith, davidsmithcustm@yahoo.com
Specialty Rally Chair, Ken Neff LittleRedCarNo2@verizon.net

Specialty Show Secretary - David Milne wideview@ptd.net
Match Chair – Shari Irick
Website & Show Catalog Margie Milne, mtm@wideviewfarm.com
IWCA Liason - Joe Roland, NobleIW@aol.com
PA Dog Federation - Mary Reese iwdeora@comcast.net and Ken NeffLittleRedCarNo2@verizon.net
Holiday Dinner - Mary Reese iwdeora@comcast.net
Picnic - Mike & Alissa Muffley  mikemuffley@aim.com / argrell@hotmail.com



The Irish Wolfhound Association of the Delaware Valley usually meets nine times a year on the second Thursday of the month. Some meetings are scheduled in conjunction with club events.

Eligibility for membership requires attendance at two meetings and the sponsorship of two non-related members of the IWADV.

Checks to Maggie Weidinger, 146 Victoria Road, Millersville, PA 17551.