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For questions and communication regarding Paypal transactions: iwadvtreas@gmail.com Greg Kane.

NOTE: The various sections of payment for the Specialty have been split up to the various items and donations. However if you wish to pay for multiple things you just have to make a selection then "Go Back to Shopping" and make your next selection from a different category. Paypal will keep track of your selections and you only have to submit the payment once.

Specialty Trophy Donations

Trophy Donations

Please note that Trophy Donations must be prearranged through Trophy Chair Amy Benjamin at aeriedogs@aol.com. Select the amount of your donation from the “Trophy Donation” list and indicate whether your sponsorship is for a Challenge Trophy or Class Sponsorship from the “Class or General Fund” list. If you wish to make a donation to the General Fund, select an amount from the drop-down listing and select “General Fund” from the “Class or General Fund” list. Please note that a minimal handling fee will be added to your PayPal transaction. Thank you for supporting IWADV.

Trophy Donation
Class or General Fund


AKC Entry Form

For ONLINE entry - please fill out the entry form(s) and email with your Paypal confimation number to Show Secretary David Milne at wideview@ptd.net. If you have any problems with this process - then email for help or phone 908-454-6456.

For MAIL entries - you can print out this form (or use any current standard AKC entry form) and mail with check payment the Show Secretary.

Refer to the Premium List for addresses, payments due, entry deadlines and other show entry requirements


A copy of your entry(ies) transaction will be send directly to the Show Secretary, David Milne, as confirmation of payment. Margie Milne will receive confirmation of payment for your ad. You may contact her directly for more info regarding an ad at either wideview@ptd.net or mtm@wideviewfarm.com.



Entry or Ad Size


You may pre-pay for your LGRA entry (also for your one time FTE fee for first time dogs). PLease use the transaction number when you mail your entry form to Race Meet Secretary, Robin Coen. coenfamily@comcast.net

Entry and LGRA Registration (if you do not have a LGRA number for your dog)

Please contact Robin Coen (coenfamily@comcast.net) or Margie Milne (wideview@ptd.net) if you wish to donate a specific trophy

Hilarious Hound Boutique

Hilarious Hound - To be used for boutique purchases at the show only. Oct 5-7, 2019

Rescue & Education Fund Donation

Donations also gratefully accepted and used wisely towards Rescue and Education (no handling fee for donations)